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  1. Yes the citys that seem to thrive are the multi industry ,if one fails the others will pick them up ,I've seen to many citys who rely on one go under when the one industry go's down:|
  2. 2nd eye jab manageing to get one or two posts in onlt 20 more months to go:hihi:
  3. WARNING dont ever buy Portugees black pud are you'ill be sorry:gag:
  4. yes my Brother came over from Sheffield thinking of working in the Hamilton steel ,but would all be the same Hamilton /Sheffield same city just a few thousand miles apart:(
  5. We may all be dead but the worm will turn then its off with the heads of all the greedy's,right now one can look at Kiev with some sympathy:rolleyes:
  6. I do miss my black pudding the thing they call B.P over here is pure tack:gag::gag:
  7. No help I know but its going on all over the world in this very small area of London Ontario Heinz going to Mexico putting thousands out of work and killing a whole area Kellog's shut up shop going south for cheap labour and now Chrysler after we loan them millions when they was in trouble now the Blackmail give us 500 milion or we go to Mexico putting 10,000 out of work, and the weak Canadian Gov"blinked not a pair of balls amonst the lot of them I would have said build your cars in Mexico and sell them there NONE to cross this border, now lots of spiting moan and grumble
  8. Another Stuart lived at 511 Penistone rd brother alan was killed in car crash around 70ish , also what st did the Burgoyne's live on
  9. So looking over past threads JACKS would be the one on Langset never asked him his name just a sample from his many bottle's we tried all of them 1946:thumbsup:
  10. came over in 65 but can only get on the e-net when wife is asleep because blind in one eye and tuther one not so good so get naged at for putting strain on semi fair one:hihi::hihi:
  11. my brother and I would spend all our dinner money in one swoop in the one on Langsett rd well that was until we got busted seem to remember the dinners at Burton st was pretty gross and not worth a few glass of any of there drinks
  12. sort of think Docs and G.I army boots was the same but dont think the army wanted you to paint your boots you had to grease them didn't want anyone taking a shot at anything shiny
  13. Must put in the word Sheffield Bliz to keep on thread ,opps there it is LOL If we had lost the war only the fair head would have made it all the dark and brown eyes to be shiped HALF way cross the atlantic ,well thats the story going around at the time,and i know our Goverment wouldn't lie would they??
  14. So NOT true they only found one bit of old pot and my mother chucked that out
  15. It takes a lot to bring a country down( or up ) In both U.S and Russia greed is king in Us the almighty corps' will bring that country to ruin same with Russia Right now China is the power because ALL are working to the same goal ,In britain what I saw was very stupid politics along with large lazy work force (waiting for the incoming flak:hihi:)We all know Germany and Japan had help to recover but could never have done it without the people,If Britain had rolled up there sleves and got on with the same war time spirit ,Well if only:rant::rant:
  16. no but all i'm saying is the mind of a 9yeay old boy ,one of the best movies Ihave seen "Land Of Hope and Glory"sort of think yes i was there and says it all ,mind not to bright a lad:D:D
  17. different reaction from others at my age I knew that Britain was best and would win in the end
  18. I have found Ancestry to be the best (more info)but on Genes Reunited you can buy credits very cheap think I only paid 7$ and that got me well started but the bigest brakthough was the FREE search on Ancestry.com got my Grands in one
  19. was in Fullwood homes at the time we all stood on the green watching Sheffield in flames don't think any thing came east and hit Fullwood?? I/We had run away and was on the bottam on Penistone rd when the bombs hit wood st that must have been another time
  20. Why the 70s my daughter forced me into buying a pair around 2005 cost me a small fortune and landed up in the thrift store
  21. Just answering a remark re Synth by Janie ,would seem according to P.M Synth mother was a Grimesthorpe girl , but why are you only asking me when dozens of none Grimesthorpe reply .are you looking for more?? P.S dont think it reads "REMINISENCES I could be wrong but think it says Anybody From
  22. yes i use to chat but i only 5 at that time and came out of Fullwood homes V.J day in 46:|
  23. because many of the comments and reply's re synth was on this thread and just maybe connected to Grimsthorpe:confused:
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