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  1. If a young boy with very strong legs walked past Lodge Moor and Wymingbrook what is the ring of caves you came to, remember sleeping in them when on runaway from Fullwood Homes ,but its been 70yrs so a little hazy
  2. You lot are all as common as muck NOW Penistone rd A.B.Csts we all spoke proper English NO slan:hihi::hihi:
  3. I;d give Port Dover a 6 being as the weather Kingsville way is by far nicer but I suppose some like the snow and ice fishing ,me afraid getting to old to shovel that white stuff :D
  4. And no the most southern town in Canada is also the very best weather KINGSVILLE ONT maybe a little to close to the border but we still have the cannons facing the right way:hihi::hihi:
  5. thats got to be it begining to think its NOT the eyes its the Brain:D:D
  6. Kimmers hill (Bamforth st)had some very good clay use to make our warmer ovens then bake them in the Yorkshire ,but looking back we must have started fires all around Penistone rd including Wadsley behind the grave stones
  7. words and letters are jumpind all over ,how on earth did i read cottage #1???:huh::confused:
  8. thinking they must have got rid of the more nasty house mothers at the end of the war ,i left in 46 the only decent one there at that time was a miss Lindsey in #6 the one in #1 was a vile creature:gag:
  9. Hi Brian been there my computer total crashed some time back must have been me good job I'vr good a daughter who's a whiz at this . My eyes still pretty badcant see what I've typed go for eye injection every month so can see to walk but NO driving will be booking in for new lens in two weeks think I will be going with the gov" paid ones so dont knmow how long it will take hope theres not to many typos looks good to me though the haze:hihi::hihi:
  10. mind you thats what I said about U.K in 65 with the Goverment going stark raving mad and with three jobs on the go living like a 3rd work if the potato blight had hit U.K we would have starved to death :rolleyes::hihi:
  11. dont think you can call it getting up to mischief because I was a proper angel BUT just been let loose from FULLWOOD homes hell camp so did steal the flowers frpm the graves and sell them out gates remember selling the same big bunch 3 times ,stole all the swan matchs from dads old store and lit fire all over the place (another graveyard 0we use to light firew behind the stone and wait for the spirits to come out at midnight,was in the gang wars A.B.C stss in 46 for fun.as i said proper little Angel:hihi::hihi:
  12. a bit after my time but a story i've often told during the raid 42 ish a lad was pulled out from a hit the only one alive such a shock to find out he peed the bed now that result in the parade and pasting with the copper stick this went on every day for 3years i left in 46 V.J nignt but sure the beating went on untill the bitter end from the BULL in #2. please excuse any typos being now semi blind ca't see what ive typed and I would whant to upset anyones feelings ?/:D:D:D
  13. To whom are you talking ,if me I not aware i was useing text speak???:confused:
  14. what year and what house was u in i was in #2 40-46
  15. Hmm lets see 1950 thats when they gave me a big gun and showed me how to kill ,No all in all was a good time
  16. looking at roots my grand's died 45&46 (Roterham)only 50% of children made it 4 never did the 1900's was not a good time to be born
  17. Very slow improvement I'll be getting treatment all year weather been bitter cold with more snow than ever before ,but that serves me right for braging about livind in the banarna belt:hihi::hihi:excuse all the typos typing by quess and by god with one finger and largr magnifying glass
  18. yes we did have a 9mm German Lugar I know it was still in working order because we shot the Black market pig down in the cellar, mind u did lose my taste for pork for a very long time LOL
  19. For some reason it did not register with us that someone died in tht crash all the kids was out over the next few days looking for bits of plane,not one of my happy moments
  20. I was 10 at that time and going to Greystones so remember it well
  21. But you dont have to move all the way down could come up to Canada where normal people are:D:D:D
  22. Well i guess almost will have to do nothing quite like the one you grew op with but in later years got some not to bad around Leicester ,mind u must have been a import butcher from Sheffoeld:D:D:D Oh and from those big Black &white yorkshire pigs
  23. All this talk about was a shop what I want to know can I still buy , If I spend couple of thousand coming over want to know I can still get my piece of Black Pud
  24. I tried to register with a store purchase Visa card but would seem Ancestry uk is in fact in the grand duchy not in uk ,and there is no way i am sending my main card over the internet it would be half way east in one day:hihi:
  25. tried it nothing is free only free after you give them your credit card #and agree to monthly sub' usual scam
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