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  1. Hi Geoff - it's Pam - I came across this 'Anlaby Street' topic yesterday and joined the Forum so I could reply - better late than never. It's strange how names come back to you, especially so at 3pm! Hope you are well. I saw David a couple of weeks ago, he's still the same! Did Graham Challenger live in our street - Susan & Megan Sharman, Pauline Moyses and a family nr top of street called 'kitchen' or something like that. Stephen Green lived next to us at No 9. Alan Pass lived in High House Terrace, John Fitz on Cuthbert Bank, Cameron Welsh-Belshaw lived there too I think. Give my regards to Pete when you see him, I sometimes see Bobby and he hasn't changed much either! alan you refer to my brother got killed in a car crash 80s maybe stu was is brother
  2. coming a very posh area penistone and burton just cant emagine what you poor went through:hihi::hihi:
  3. back in the saddle computer that works and a keyboard with very larg letters for a blind man, driving days now over and my driver refuse to wear the little cap???give us a call flyer
  4. could well be now allowed back on sf Hmmm:loopy::loopy:
  5. see these threads are year lh hw do i get currant
  6. not to bad, sex life gone (wife cut me off at 80) get new len;s in my eyes in oct so back on the road in nov . got :Synth :staying with me for couple weeks before she carry's on with her world tripe
  7. since 511 was across from Driffield and Cotterm wonder if my aunt lived more close to Eded to my 5yr old mind upper slack may have been to far all i seem to remember is very short st or dirt rd with the river /canal at the bottom maybe only 150 yards away my mother would send me up with goodie bag just how far could a 5yr old walk ??:confused:
  8. born in 1934 so well past my :best before date: but looking at the old pics of the abc sts i remember like last week ,put in Fulwoods homes in 39 for 6yrs still some things are very clear:cool:
  9. did you know my brother peter and jenny clarke lived high house at that time??
  10. even I remember that shop 1939 we had small shop at 511 my mother would bake meat and pot pies all night remember the wife's coming in with hubby carrying the pots to put in the pies my mother would flood the dish with gravy yum yum:thumbsup::thumbsup:
  11. no photo but often thought my aunt lived on penisstone rd and upper slack that was 1939??
  12. swam in the Don 1946 after pushing all the dead dogs to one side came out all shades from the P.C.Bs but did me no harm I say did me no harm:confused::confused:
  13. If they can put trout in the dom they can put fish in any river in the world:(
  14. 511 penistone rd and my first love Lara Burgoyne we must have been all of 5 in 1939:love:
  15. 1946 I'd be 12 livimg on Penistone rd the fairground lads would get you to fight them for that we got free rids :confused:
  16. I think having your head choped off is sory of normal for Sheffield girls school:D:D
  17. remember the smog I dont remember what i had for breakfast think it was bacon but it mat have been cornflakes:confused::confused:
  18. so what ya all saying there's a lot of very strange girls come from Sheffield:hihi::hihi:
  19. the link maybe 2014 but the the content is way out of date for the update Google Dr Bernstien Mayo clinic N.Y or Sheffield &Bradford Uni,now i have lived in London Ont (the home of Dr Banting)since 65 and we have one of the largest center in the world but even we will transplant a heart with no problem but are light years behind the states in many new medicines and treatments,and as i said it worked for me:|
  20. those links are 19th century we have come a long way since then even to one U.K doctor claim? he as NEVER had one to get type 2 that he caught before that he treated with hormone shots one of the main tests was done at Sheffield uni I am 80 with good weight and have cut down my insulin shots by 75% BY INCREASE MY HORMONE LEVEL WOOPS still hiting wrong keys:thumbsup:
  21. excuse me not seeing to well BUT that is the most uninformed sand silly statement i have ever heard it as been long since shown from all the medical uns/ that type 2 is 90% hormone related testoserone in men over 45 and in female those who have been on replacment very rare get type 2 this is not counting the very obest for lots of info just Google diabetes and testosterone and lots of info will pop up some from Sheffield and Bradford unis excuse typos not seeing what i type:cool:
  22. If your mother was a women ALL her saying would be illogical:hihi::hihi:
  23. well not only spent a few nights sleep in them but also gone visiting when i was 11 my brother was throwing rocks when poped out of the cave rock got me right between the eyes smashed my nose and looked like a racoon for a month:loopy:
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