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  1. I did say it was old. Looks like something from the 1980's and really noisey
  2. Sorry.... Lets remember the depressing times and live off past glories.
  3. Is there a meeting up there today or something? Im heading up to Upper Burbage Bridge today for a shoot. Im not check out how many people are around and see if im gonna upset anyone.
  4. Dont throw me in with him. I was just saying its time to move on. There was a man on Look North yesterday who said "Most of the 95 are dead so it'll be good to have an inquiry before the rest of them die." That just sums it up really. Who will really benefit from an inquiry? Let it go.
  5. About 90% of the UK is countryside.....where do you suggest we build?
  6. I think it is one of the things that have held South Yorkshire back from moving forward like other counties/cities. Its stubbornness to let go of the past no matter how sad and depressing. You'd think that the 1980's would be a time that most Yorkshire families would like to forget. A depressing time that should be long forgotten. I dont think there should be an Orgreave inquiry. It'll be expensive and damaging to an already battered region. We should look to the future now and focus on making Yorkshire great again.
  7. Why object? They using a huge unwanted and environmentally damaging paper mill to build much needed homes. I thought people would be happy about that. Even the green voting nimbys
  8. I think her main point was that she wants it for tomorrow (Fathers Day) so was looking for a store in Sheffield.
  9. Call Savills Barbers on Division Street. They probably sell them or they'll know where you can buy one. 0114 276 1011 http://www.savillsbarbers.com
  10. I used it the other week. Its really old and makes so much noise..........everyone was looking. Really embarrassing.
  11. I dont know who it is but id like to meet her
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