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  1. Sloss is one strange lady. I'm happy to be an aithiest, but it looks like her comments will aggrieve a lot of people, never mind the Church.
  2. As much hatred and loathing there is for UKIP, is there a similar pattern happening here? They did get a huge vote in the last election, albeit it was too widespread to make much difference politically, but the votes were there nonetheless. Could recent events push people away from the EU? Not so much in support of UKIP, but out of sheer fear of immigration levels and the threat of terrorism?
  3. I'm pretty sure myself and my ilk won't lose a great deal of sleep over it, mate.
  4. I take it you've never encountered a vehicle heading towards you with full beam on?
  5. Lights that are far too bright for purpose. If it were a motorcar heading towards you with full beam on, you would give them a flash to give them a warning about it. Also some idiot named Stephen Young who is MD of a cycle light company said: "You have to offset the vulnerability of the cyclist and if that means causing dazzle to a driver, maybe that's worth it." What a mentality? It beggars my earplugs that this seems acceptable. Each to their own, however dung brained they are.
  6. Yes, and I accept that snailyboy. But those crazy cycle lights are a menace. And to suggest that annoying another road user is acceptable is just beyond belief.
  7. It is good for them, you are right.
  8. Is it not fair to suggest that annoying another driver in a quest to be noticed is just another ridiculous cycling statement that is not only dangerous but sheer lunacy? It is, of course the typical thought process of an inexperienced road user, but as you keep banging on that most cyclists are drivers too, the standard of driving must be worse than was thought possible.
  9. There's a reason that motor vehicles fail their MOT,s when they have wrong beam alignments on the headlights. It's because faulty or wobbly beams can blind other road users. These rules obviously does not apply to cyclists. Their ridiculous lights constantly wobble as the cyclist is wobbling along, causing awful beams into other road users faces. Of course, the Lycra brigade will say this is OK as usual, but whilever cyclists are unregulated, the blinding will continue. I'm not averse to riders using lights, in fact I encourage it, but not when they are poorly fixed.
  10. There was a big hoo hah about this land a few years ago, residents blocked a planning application.
  11. The NF party in France has now gained 30% of the vote after the Paris attacks. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-35018849
  12. You can, go on.......do it!!! It's Christmas!!!! I can see exactly where peoples concerns are with the tree issue, but there are more trees being planted than ever before. A true testament for our generations to come. Now if there were no tree repopulation, then there would be real reason to hug. But that's not the case. Man is a consumer, and he will consume everything as he goes, however evolution is teaching him to bloody behave and take responsibility for his consummation, and he is learning that using without replacing is a very bad idea. Sadly though, he is not yet quite up to speed with aesthetics, so sometimes leaves an ugly trail in his wake. But they will grow back, it just won't be in our lifetime. My tip is to have as many lovely plants in your own space at home, where you spend the most time stationary, and not worry about trees that you may pass by, that's unless you enjoy sitting under one in a built up area, as that my fellow contributor, is tree hugging.
  13. You presumed correct. Well done. Still think it's a tree hugging exercise. Which is why you posted such an expected response. Power to the people dude!!
  14. I sometimes think that people don't take responsibility for themselves, and expect others to do it for them. I know we haven't seen eye to eye in the past, but you are spot on with this. It takes a lot to get to evictions in rented properties, unlike owner occupants, but in cases like these a lot is down to bad personal finance management.
  15. Should you have received them by now? I don't collect them, but I have read that Morrison's have dropped out of the FTSE 100, so must be suffering some financial backlash. Same thing happened to Somerfield a few years back. Nobody is safe in today's volatile markets.
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