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  1. Cars parking on FOOTPATHs is dangerous, in Hillsborough the roads and paths are narrow and motorists park on both sides of the road (go down Oakland Rd and thereabouts any day of the week...) for mums with small children and pushchairs, people in wheelchairs and other disabled people often your only option is to walk in the road. These motorists are selfish, thoughtless scum! I hope this law is passed and I hope the punishment is having the car towed and crushed... I'm not usually this reactionary but these people must be stopped!
  2. +1 I wandered in with fairly low expectations but was blown away by the range
  3. The information is not accessible for people are blind/partially sighted. I can't understand why the buses were renumbered even when their particular route/times hardly changed. Many over 65s who have problems with memory will just find it baffling and upsetting. It's disappointing more thought didn't go on the difficulties faced by older people and the disabled.
  4. In terms of access to some public sector services, I think the DDA has had some impact. I think when it comes to equal opportunities in the work place it's made little or no difference. Most organisations consider disability to be about ramps and wheelchair access. Some of the better ones consider 'hearing loops' but on the whole they don't seem to see it as anything more than that.
  5. Who regulates this? SYPTE? Surely there are minimum service standards we should expect? This kind of behaviour by First adds insult to injury after the "streamlining" of bus services.
  6. Opening up the Woodhead Tunnel for a reinstated rail link would surely be better. Or both?
  7. What were they suspicious about? I'm suspicious about your post.
  8. This is awful I can't think how people didn't hear the noise? I used to live in Woodseats and know our neighbours would have been round in a flash if they heard something... It was a quiet road, but still.
  9. It's a forum. I think the idea is that people share their points of view. Mine is perfectly legitimate, accurate and pertinent: this Government are making cuts to policing when Chief Constables and even their own (Tory) Crime Commissioners are telling them it's gone too far. I certainly don't remember police not able to attend muggings and burglaries due to lack of resources - this is a whole new thing.
  10. Hardly a rant. I think people are waking up to what Conservative Austerity really means. Personally I would rather pay a little bit more if I knew it was going on policing or health and social care. As it is, the thin blue line is now dangerously thin.
  11. Sorry to hear you had such a horrible experience. Sadly, now we're under Conservative Austerity the police simply won't bother with crimes like this-they haven't the resources.
  12. Surely you can determine what a fair price is based on sold prices nearby? All property websites now seem to have Land Registry prices so you can see what houses on the same street went for. A lot of area names are essentially nonsense. All that matters surely is if you like the area you're looking at...
  13. What did the council say when you complained? I think if these errors continue to pile up then the council would have cause to terminate the contract.
  14. There is a Greggs on every other street corner, so maybe Rotherham has achieved it's true potential? You can lead a horse to water...
  15. Sounds like the best idea. Otherwise it would be the responsibility of AMEY surely? They're responsible for streets now.
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