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  1. Stevie was a legend. I have most of his stuff, including a SRV signature scratch plate on my strat. Looks pretty cool as my initials are also SRV
  2. Thanks smary for your message. Unfortunately I'm too new to the site to be able to PM you back ---------- Post added 10-09-2015 at 08:07 ---------- I'll PM you back once it lets me
  3. Thanks smary. Hilda was my Nan (my dad's mum). I remember her living just off Silkstone Road around 30 years ago and then she moved into a bungalow at woodhouse. If Hilda was your Auntie, that would make you my dads cousin.
  4. Hi Everyone. I grew up in Sheffield, in the Hackenthorpe area. Lived there just over 30 years, now living down in Norwich.
  5. Hi, George Berley Bolsover was my great great grandfather. John Bolsover was my great grandfather and Hilda was my Nan. As far as I am aware Hilda's siblings are Lily, Ronald, Kenneth, Alan and John. Hilda's husband was called Arnold, maybe that's who you mean.
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