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  1. So a few weeks ago I'm driving through High Green when coming towards me comes a white Ferrari with a number plate resembling ROK 57A (ROK STAR) putting 2+2 together I came to the conclusion it was one of the Arctic Monkeys but does anyone know which monkey I almost saw?
  2. Not sure it was that as this was in the early hours
  3. Thank you. I have also been told by somebody that knows the current owner and its reported to be haunted with some very perculiar activities happening in there if you believe in that kind of thing.
  4. Did anybody else hear the gunshots in the midlle of the night (1st -2nd July 16) Sounded like it was from the Foxhill area, 2 shots in quick succession about 4 times.
  5. This one http://www.sheffieldtelegraph.co.uk/news/business/property-news/converted-church-creates-contemporary-family-home-1-6131853
  6. Does anyone know the story behind this building? Its back up for sale again for £425k and im sure it was for sale 6 months ago for over £625k. It looks amazing inside but the huge price drop makes me curious. Is it haunted perhaps?
  7. Apparently its common knowledge who is doing it but nobody there is brave enough to speak out
  8. Not really if you know how to drive
  9. As far as im aware theres no such thing as a late left turner lane, if you turn left there and hit me its your fault
  10. That right, the "middle lane" has an arrow painted on the floor straight forward. Surely just the left lane is for heading up towards attercliffe? I always go in the left lane then keep right as it bears left left but often wondered whose to blame if someone goes into the right hand side of me.
  11. I searched but couldnt find another thread on this, my apologies if there is one. My opinion is that on the side heading out of town towards the sheffield parkway if i wanted to turn left towards attercliffe i should get in the left lane. I couldnt stay in the now middle lane and then turn left nearer to the motorbike shop like many i see doing could i??
  12. Just seen it driven very quickly and very badly around the Wooley Wood School area. I dont think id want it back after seeing it being driven like that.
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