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  1. Thanks Paddy! Will add it to my favourites. gremlin_mick I use to get 12Mbps but due to new house being built next to me within the last 5 years there to many people connected and my speed went down to 7Mbps. At first I thought I had speed fault but when engineer came round said it's due to the fact there is too many people connected to one cabinet and speed sharing or some sort. MoZaLan Thanks for the update. That just sucks but oh well as long as we getting before 2017. At moment just using EE 4G seems better than my 7Mbps Sky broadband LOL. Dam EE Osprey I get 59Mbps! If the new Fibre roll out by BT is the 76Mbps or 100Mbps+ I will be happy with that.
  2. Hi peeps, Thought I'd register and post on here. I myself have been waiting a long time for Attercliffe exchange to get Fibre.If you head over to the BT website "Where and where" and input your details it will say planned area (within 18 months). Today I'm just on my way home (Darnall) past Attercliffe and there are loads of BT vans. There digging into the roads. This is near the power league area/stanniforth road. Good news! Time to upgrade from poor 7mb connection. The day will come when I can download PS4 games within 1-2 hours instead of 11+ hours At moment just using 4GEE Extra (getting about 40-50Mb) but way too pricey!
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