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  1. ooh you rebel They're not morons just for protesting though. I'm sure they're not stopping people going in are they? I actually like foie gras and veal....in fact I think it's veally nice OK OK I'll get me coat
  2. When I was a *whispers* Social Worker, I placed a man in a residential home and I wrote into the contract that he had to have bread and dripping every day!! He was happy as Larry once we'd signed up! He would've done a (very slow)runner without his dripping...
  3. or just people expressing an opinion and asking people to think about what they are eating...
  4. Thought it was OK. Will give it another go. It was a bit formulaic and the casting wasn't up to much but we'll see how it develops. Dr Who minus the doctor plus shagging plus an f-word = torchwood
  5. yeah - than you can catch them and eat them BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
  6. Everything changes, mate. We are born, we live and we die. Ride the wave or float on your board. It only bothers people who let it. I know people who have 4 TV channels, no mobile and no PC and they are amongst the happiest people I know.
  7. nobody knows that I own my mobile phone.
  8. Guilt in law is always proven beyond reasonable doubt but people are still wrongly convicted.
  9. He's brilliant. One of the funniest writers and actors on TV at the moment. Extras was magnificent with only a couple of dull episodes.
  10. The most bizarre is fahrenheit and centigrade when some people use both systems to make things sound more extreme. When its hot "90 in the shade" (F) When its cold "minus 5" © Roll on the metric system I say!
  11. Bit of a let down last night, I thought for a season finale....oh and I bet he really had to try hard to get Jonathon Ross to come on!!
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