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  1. Hi Footietalk and thank you for your reply. Yes I think your right about the re_branding myself , I tend to try and stick with what I know ...which in my case isn't much. But I am looking in to new things , I think the Telephone Advisers thing is the one that most interests me at the moment ...it's not physically demanding work but more mentally demanding , talking , putting info on to a computer screen maybe , being good at communication , maybe a could go on a Customer Service course or something. Cheers. P.S. Thank you for the conquering my health issues comment , I really appreciate it. NO one's ever giving me credit for that before
  2. Hi all New poster please be gentle..feeling a bit sensitive. Ok real long story real short...I'm long term unemployed ..due to health issues ..which are now improved. So I'm back on JSa and have been seeking employment for the past year..without much luck. I have had quite a few interviews both face to face and over the telephone ...but I'm just not getting the job. I have varied my job search . from cleaning jobs , shop assistant , telephone advisers To to give myself a better chance of finding employment but to no avail. It's really getting me down...I don't know what it is I'm doing wrong. Is it my age , my lack of recent experience , the gap between working and not working being too long ,maybe employers don't see me as a good choice . I don't have any qualifications which is also a big negative maybe , I don't know. I keep redoing my Cv's so I can gain some interest , and they must be alright as I get the interviews. I'm sorry for the long post , I really need some good tips or advice , I am trying really hard . Thanks for reading this .
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