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  1. Hi englishgirl2, if you Google 'Bryan Woodriff books' there are three separate books published in the period 2001 to 2006 which deal with the Shiregreen and surrounding areas. E bay should be worth checking if you are interested. Sorry but my memories of both areas are 20th century so of no help to you, nevertheless "Good Hunting"!
  2. Have you seen this? http://www.chrishobbs.com/beightondoodlebug1944.htm
  3. Had only known cat631 a relatively short time but exchanged e-mails and photos with him. An interesting and valuable contributor to this forum whose friendship I shall greatly miss. My condolences to his wife and family.
  4. A timely warning, my wife complained that her new specification spectacles needed changing only 6 months later. We arranged for a retest with Specsavers and immediately were referred to an Ophthalmologist. Contact was made with us the following morning and an appointment made to attend a mobile clinic when AMD (Age related Macular Degeneration) was confirmed and treatment started . This is ongoing though everyone should be aware that damage already done cannot restore any loss of sight, only retard the effect this problem creates. There are other specific diseases such as DMO, RVO and CNV which can lead to vision loss so please, if you experience any problems with your eyes, DO NOT DELAY, get it checked out. The seriousness cannot be ignored, in my wife's case her annual eye photo check (Diabetes) had said "we will invite you to attend again next year" hence our going back to Specsavers who did react.
  5. If you want a good map of how Wensley Street prefabs were in the early '50's' scroll to Map 61 on this link, https://www.sheffieldhistory.co.uk/forums/topic/4008-os-maps-of-sheffield-and-district-1950s-over-300-of-them/?page=3&tab=comments#comment-22810
  6. From Charles Hall's book; A pilot scheme for o-m-o was introduced in July 1967 on the Bakewell via Bamford route. By July '68 the Manchester and Huddersfield / Halifax routes had been included. The first (sample) double-deck bus was No.101, a Park Royal-bodied Atlantean converted to o-m-o in August 1968. Further (purpose built examples) were on order from Park Royal and arrived in 1968. Padders seems to have remembered well!
  7. C&A reopened a basement in 1950 and added more floors in the next 4 years. The Burtons building was demolished sometime between January 1958 and mid 1960.
  8. PMT (Potteries Motor Traction) was 'born' out of Midland Red when the Transport Act 1968 (started 1st January 1969) brought about the Passenger Transport Authorities. Sheffield Transport with the old 'A', Joint Committee 'B' fleet and the Railway owned 'C' fleet were affected as the SYPTE would be taking over all the vehicles in April 1974. Leeds and Sheffield were not included in the original proposals when four PTE's were formed hence the delay. Sheffield transferred its fleet of 49 single-deck and 633 double deck buses at this time, 399 of the dd's and all the sd's were available for one-man-operation. The X53 Hanley - Sheffield came later and does not appear in the November 1970 Sheffield timetable. Other than on hire, no Leeds City buses ran into Sheffield though the Green liveried West Riding Omnibuses (Wakefield based) operated jointly with YTC and Sheffield on the 67 route which had resumed its through service in March 1949 after WW2. These might have been what you saw in the 60's. I believe the Gainsborough route became a joint operation with East Midland and Lincolnshire Roadcar. I think stpetre has identified the longest regular services. Hope this helps!
  9. Thank you for the details, that Tilling-Stevens must have been the coach I was referring to as the 1948 registration fits the time period so well.The driver seemed very proud of his vehicle as I recall. The reason I said 'Atkinson' was because the plate on the top of the radiator grill stuck in my mind as that name rather than Tilling-Stevens but in my defense it was a long time ago! There was certainly a cream and red coach, which I believed to be new, garaged somewhere in the Pitsmoor-Grimesthorpe area in the late 40's to 50's as well as their lorries. Not aware there were others though.
  10. In response to post#15 (some years ago !) I remember travelling in a couple of Eagle coaches in the late 40's. They were private charters, the first was to Scarborough in a Bedford OB (1947/1948) also in a half-cab Atkinson (larger seating capacity) to Darlington maybe a year later. Cannot find any information online about the 'Atkinson', my memory is that new vehicles were difficult to obtain at that time and Nationalisation played some part. I know it's a long shot but was there a change of ownership or did just the name change? Does anyone recall Talbot Coaches ?
  11. Copy (left click) on the Sheffieldpicture URL comes up blue) then (Ctrl+C) and paste (Ctrl+V) into your post like this; http://www.picturesheffield.com/frontend.php?keywords=Ref_No_increment;EQUALS;arc01201&pos=3&action=zoom&id=102444; works for me John.
  12. It's a bit earlier than the thread covers but maybe this picture from 1950 will interest some relatives of the Electrical Repair Shop (or very old) employees. https://postimg.org/image/t2m0u0c9r/
  13. http://www.picturesheffield.com/frontend.php?keywords=Ref_No_increment;EQUALS;s16296&pos=1&action=zoom&id=19025
  14. A 1950's photo by H B Priestley in "Sheffield Corporation Tramways" (page 23) by Kenneth Gandy shows two Bridge obstructions for double-deck electric cars. An intention to complete a loop round to Tinsley shed was abandoned in 1905. Apparently a new Brightside Bridge over the River Don would have been needed.
  15. In the years I am thinking of (40's to mid 50's), yes 63 was Shirecliffe and 65,66 and67 were all Barnsley with slightly different routes, jointly operated with Yorkshire Traction, Yorkshire Woollen District and West Riding companies. These provided a 20 minute service to Barnsley and there were ,in addition, Chapeltown and Upton services. From memory, it was only after the end of the War that Bradford and Leeds extensions were restored. The Abbey Lane Coaches bus to New Ollerton also started outside the PH (Bull & Mouth?) at the Waingate end of Castlegate. I am relying heavily on memory here and precise dates may be corrected by others. What I have found by posting and reading threads on Forums is that my early childhood memories go back further than I realized but perhaps that is just an 'Old age' thing! In the late 40's I went on some SUT football trips, one memorable trip when one coach hit the back of the one in front whilst a little later our coach had to call for breakdown assistance; rescue was by Ribble Motors though our own return coach made it home!
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