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  1. Fingers crossed. Providing it hasn't got to her lungs we're talking 50/50 odds of it being fully cured with just the surgery. I took her to Abbeys in Barnsley for the first one. They're the ones that gave me the quote for the 2nd op too.
  2. Not good news unfortunately. The lump was a really aggressive cancer and they needed to do a second op to take out more tissue from the same area + the lymph node that is attached. I was quoted £690 for the 2nd op. I made an appointment with spire vets and they have said they can do the same op for £200-£300 with chest x-rays included. She's having this done in a weeks time. The woman at spire vets (chesterfield) said she would have taken the lymph node out as standard because of the position of it so in hindsight the whole lot should have been removed the first time round. Saving me money and improving the outcome. The woman at spire vets is very knowledgeable and said she was particularly interested in these types of cancers so I would highly recommend that particular vets if you can get down there. Although my main motivation was getting it sorted as cheaply as possible, the fact that she is such an expert is very reassuring. Waiting times may be a factor though. Although they have a drop in centre for appointments to be seen waiting lists for surgery are a bit long and I had to wait a month for mine. Good luck.
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