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  1. has a anyone else over 75 had a threatening letter from tv licencing in sheffield area. I got one this week even though we have a valid over 75s licence. is this a scam.
  2. does anyone know crow woods at intake around 1014
  3. Hi we moved to this 1960s bungalow 2 years ago since then we have wet windows in winter any help would be appreciated
  4. Hi has anyone used a rife machine, they are supposed to help treat cancer,MS and many other conditions.Has anyone benefitted from one.
  5. does anyone know of a chipshop near Weston park hospital I`m visiting tomorrow and have promised a fish and chip lunch
  6. Hi My son is terminally with cancer his gp gave him a note for 6 months which runs out soon what do we need to do next.do we see his gp? do we need to fill in all those forms again? never done this stuff before and we need some advice. thanks
  7. Hi Raceylady No I didn,t manage to find him,he did have a sister Jean who was married to Walter
  8. I moved house last year ,the heating was shot so I had a new money saving condensing boiler fitted. but my water bill has almost doubled ,is this normal or did I have a cowboy plumber to fit it?
  9. as far as I remember he was a younger than me so I would say late 60s
  10. seeking peter elshaw lived on wybourn sister jean parents George and rose
  11. Thanks for your replies , its given me something to think about .The crucible caps seems most likely ,I will keep them in my garden because they could be a bit of Sheffield history.Many thanks
  12. I`ve just moved house and while clearing years of garden waste I found these odd things . they are made from steel slag ,saucer shaped,about 6 or so across and seem to be moulded.There was an old cottage on the site, could it be some form of decoration? Any suggestions would be welcome as I`m reluctant to scrap them but I am curious to what they could be
  13. does any one still eat some of the horrible food from the 40s and 50s ,I`m thinking of stuff like udder ,pigs trotters,cow heel,tripe,chitterling and bag and worst of all horse meat from the shop at the bottom of duke st no wonder we were all so slim in those days greasemonkey
  14. dear hillsbro the Kathleen would older than the one you found she was born in the early forties ,but thank you very much for your reply
  15. dear 10sheds that sounds like the girl I`m looking for, I wonder if you know her married name it would help to find her
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