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  1. I still prefer Crookes ... you get a better class of burglar there.
  2. Crookes is better 100% ... although still got bleedin students.
  3. Isnt there an ex army stores at Malin Bridge Hillsborough advertises paint balling ? Opposite Rivelin Valley Road.
  4. How many Ford Transit vans have been stolen recently from Sheffield, I know of four to date in the last two weeks. The police must know by now who they are, I read they have arrested a gang up in Leeds for doing the same thing in the Leeds area. These theiving scum are ruining peoples lives and taking their jobs away from them.
  5. My mate has had his Ford transit van stolen on Sunday from Crookes / Crosspool area and apparently there were two more taken too. He has lost everything...the theiving tw.ts. Let all your van owner pal's know and to get their vans alarmed.
  6. I noticed this morning three cars with windscreen and door windows shattered along Cross Lane and Mulehouse Road, and some scroates tried to pinch my neighbour's car too. What is this country coming to ?
  7. I beleive you can buy a special lock to secure the cat on these sprinter vans, my neighbour had his removed earlier in the year and he purchased one.
  8. its now inside Baxters Londis further up Crookes.
  9. It says at the bottom of the diagnosis message about a registry error.
  10. We bought ours from Hillsborough Fencing, down the side of Owlerton stadium. Great quality and not a bad price. They have quite a few on show there.
  11. My laptop carried out an automated update on Tuesday afternoon, says it needs to auto restart....now nothing ! It is now stuck with a blue screen in an endless cycle of a self diagnostics and no matter what I do I cannot get out of it. Bloody Microsoft !
  12. The new tarmac has been down for one week and a pothole has appeared in it at the junction of Heavygate Road already. Is this a sign of things to come ?
  13. Two bay tops ripped off this week around midnight on Tuesday on Forres Road at Crookes. ..be ware. Theiving scum.
  14. Hi Paula1......there is also Middletons DIY on Barber Rd at Commonside. He is cheap too.
  15. Ron Hayman the butcher at Crookes has a landcruiser and he always takes his to Saccomandos garage on Howard Road at Walkley. 2338976
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