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  1. Just been wondering if any off you are still up for some wild camping at this time off the year..I fancy getting out for a break in the wild if anybodys up for a weekend meet up ?
  2. So what night are you planning on a meet up...I will make one as long as its not raining
  3. never had that happen ..what camera are you using ?
  4. great pics but be carefull if you go down town with your camera at night as theres gangs of imigrants up to no good...safety in nos ...not done none in town for a while I will post a few pics later..maybe we could arrange a group meet up one night:)
  5. I am up for that as long as there is a few of us with the yobs hanging around town at night,,,you cant be too carefull nowdays
  6. I do whenever possible .. Nikon 24mm 2.8 Nikon 35mm 2.8 Nikon 50mm 1.8 Samyang 8mm 3.5 Tamron 200mm 3.5 Tamron SP 135mm 2.5 Sigama 28mm 1.8 got zooms too for when I want to travel light.. git too much glass now so going to have a clear out lol
  7. Dave we are going to have to set a group meet up..there hasn't been one on here for a while pal
  8. A walk down Sheffield canal making your way towards Tinsly is a good starting point..lots of interesting subjects there from wildlife to old factorys
  9. your better of PMing me as they dont like sales in this section and will delete the add..
  10. 10 months garrantee...I got it from harrisons at the beggining of last month..not sure on the count but its mint and boxed with an extra batt
  11. only Harrison's at the moment but I might let mine go..over 10 month gt left on it mint and boxed...
  12. can you get some pics up and I will post them on FB..I want another but I am struggling for time at the moment working at the new home...Maybe if more come in in a few weeks as mine could do with a little company to play with
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