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  1. I believe these are held the first Sunday of every month. Sellers from 8.30 buyers from 9.00am. Price £6.00 per car not sure about Vans although they are allowed. Bottom Car Park.
  2. All Car Boot this Sunday 7th Feb at Tesco Spital Hill bottom car park 8.30 sellers 9.00 buyers need to get this one to take off as undercover
  3. Sheffield 'markets' are a thing of the past what ever happended to real markets where bargains galore were to be had for all
  4. Bring this back some of the pupils who think they are tough would soon come down to earth with a bump nothing wrong with good old fashioned discipline it taught you to have respect
  5. Does any one else think the toilet facilities (lack of) at Twin Oaks are disgusting. The amount of money they charge us to stand they could at least provide us with a few more units, clean units that is as the ones on the site are past their sell by date. Organisers you need to take a look at this as the last time I went everyone I spoke to was complaining
  6. Meadow Farm in Ecclesfield never had a bad meal
  7. Yes well done put us on the map:)
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