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  1. Too true, we looked good against a poor Sunderland team then absolutely awful against a Bolton team from down at the bottom of the table, Duffy went from outstanding to below average in those games and he wasn't on his own in that respect. Then it sounds as though we were back to better form against Derby. Having only seen Burton's goals on TV the Owls defence looked dreadful for them and I can't see the manager whoever he is at the time standing for another performance like that. We all know that form goes out of the window where derby matches are concerned and I would settle for winning with a last minute home goal. After all none of of us know what the score will be or we'd all be piling in at Ladbrokes.
  2. Which are you? An old person, a fat person or an old fat person. You must be one of them as the hospitals are full of them.
  3. Shows how the blades have come on recently when me who only gets to go occasionally and you who go on a regular basis don't know who to drop. I'm sure C.W. will get it right. Plus the fact that there are loads of games coming up where knocks are inevitable and others will probably need to be brought into the team. Personally I'd like to see the first team rested from the cup as I'm not too bothered if we get knocked out, to me that was a bonus last season as we weren't losing players to injury and playing twice a week. I know it's at a different level but it was no coincidence that Chelsea won the league when they weren't playing in Europe.
  4. I can't get to every match nowadays for one reason or another but from what I've seen so far I would certainly get Fleck back in straight away, who to drop I don't know. Went yesterday and I thought Duffy was outstanding, it's nice to see a blade who can go past players and looks as though he's got time to use the ball well. I also liked the attitude of Clark, you hear people saying he wouldn't cut it at this level but he looked good without scoring and worked hard throughout. Still one or two misunderstandings in defence that could have been costly against a better team than Sunderland who I thought were poor. Never the less a good all round performance, you can only beat what's in front of you. Still, onwards and upwards the team certainly looks better and plays with more confidence than they have for a few years.
  5. I think the swastika adopted by the nazis as their emblem was originally a religious symbol from India. But like a lot of things the original meaning has been corrupted.
  6. You probably need to stop reading the Mail every day. I don't see it very often but apparently it gets a bad revue from some on here.
  7. My prediction has gone well and truly down the pan, I thought we might nick it. Listening to the experts on media it now sounds near impossible to win away, and that's even without our current frailty. It seems our bowlers aren't fast enough to bowl short on the hard wickets and they don't get the movement off the wicket they get over here. Plus the tail is about the longest I can remember. I hope Root is not going down the same path as Cook who was probably the best opener in the world before he got the captaincy then his batting went downhill. Never mind let's hope a few youngsters come through.
  8. Typical remoaner, reading something into my post. I never mentioned you did I? Sounds like a bit of guilty conscience. Mind I didn't think you'd got one.
  9. Spot on, plus over the nasty middle aged story tellers who's idea of happiness is a million people dying since the referendum and hoping most of them voted for brexit.
  10. Spot on, there used to be a sign at a place we walk through saying ' anyone caught fly tipping faces a fine of up to £50k'. If that was enforced and some were fined that and vehicles crushed fly tipping would be vastly reduced. If they can't pay it stop it out of wages til it's paid off and if they're not working stop it out of benefits. It's been on local news today about how fly tipping has increased in Yorkshire and how it's costing councils millions. Not surprising really when the sanctions are so pathetic.
  11. Yeah, but the next bloke she marries will definitely be the one she wants to spend the rest of her life with, probably.
  12. Sorry. I thought it was the high court that had ruled it was illegal to deport rough sleepers, and there was me thinking that it was judges that sat in the high court.
  13. You're right Mel. It's a disgrace that judges allow them to be offloaded by their own countries and come and live here. After all we've got enough brits who don't want to work and live on benefits.
  14. Jackanory Jackanory Jack................. Weren't you one of those who were quite gleeful on here about one million people dying since the referendum? And the fact that most of them are likely to have voted for brexit. You lost any respect you might have had then, showing no regard at all for the relatives and friends of those people.
  15. Nothing personal at all. I just happen to agree with Gormenghast about people who complain about how the UK and and its productivity is going down the pan at the same time as spending all day on social media. Like apelike I'm retired and can't imagine having the time to have done that when I was working and even now can't find the time to come on here more than a few times a week. By the way, I don't know what you mean about dog whistles, we ain't got a dog.
  16. One of the best interviews this year was Michael Gove being interviewed by I think Andrew Marr, after every direct question he answered yes or no, the pair of them both finished up laughing. When we see interviews and the person being interviewed starts every answer with either 'look' or 'listen' one of us usually says 'lies coming up'.
  17. Flopping heck, it's not you Gormanghast's referring to is it? spending every waking hour telling us how hard you work. You surely can't be so naive that you don't realise how little credibility you've got. If you want to be really miserable why not just become a vegetarian.
  18. Thanks for your civil reply loob. I know the UK doesn't have the highest productivity and that's something that has developed over a number of years, but I still maintain that high employment is something to be celebrated. I've always thought that in work benefits is not the way to beat unemployment and would prefer to go down the route of decreasing tax for the lower paid, in fact in my opinion someone on minimum wage working forty hours a week shouldn't be paying income tax at all. As for productivity investment in training is something that government of all colours have only played at over the years, and we can only hope that this changes in the future. I wish you well in your new venture, at least from what I've seen when I've had the time to come on here you are one of the few that haven't resorted to insults about others education. I worked on the tools for most of my working life and had the qualification to do that job and didn't necessarily need academic qualification. Mind you having worked at properties in and around Sheffield for a lot of that time it's a bit ironic that I was probably earning more than a lot of the householders who thought they were better than us because they worked in an office. ---------- Post added 04-12-2017 at 17:45 ---------- You're correct we haven't left yet, so what might happen is only supposition.
  19. I don't have to tell you anything, as you are one of the highly educated remoaners who have to use insults at every opportunity. Something that you would be afraid to do face to face. So I will make a point of ignoring you in future.
  20. You can stop when all you've mentioned happens. Employment is at its highest rates ever, so why do you find that so depressing? Or would you prefer to be at European rates of unemployment.
  21. I'll second that, turned up when they said they would and did a great job.
  22. I would have thought you would be quite happy to leave the EU, then you could apply for some of the available jobs when the EU citizens start flooding home.
  23. He annoys me by using the word ' little ' to describe everything, even my missus has commented on it and she's usually reading if I'm watching the football. Little pass, little shot, little tackle, little look, little save, please get rid of him TV.
  24. At least it keeps Nicholas ( I'll kiss your backside ma'am ) Wichell in a job. Has the bloke got no self respect after the way they slagged him off?
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