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  1. A bereavement counsellor on the radio today was saying that flowers are usually put up as a shrine as a mark of respect. How can this family respect a piece of scum like that, oh hang on a bit, they're probably proud of him for following the family tradition.
  2. Quite correct. A fat woman in the papers last year was saying she was spending 300 quid a month on takeaways and needed more benefits to eat healthily. Incidentally, that's more than me and my missus spend in a month on food. Mind you she learned how to budget and cook from her mother, and before anybody says 'why don't I do it?' It's because she's better at it than me.
  3. I hope he finishes it and does well in his course work, but he'll be struggling to find a workshop to do it unless it's a hobbyists. There are too many H&S and insurance implications for industrial units. Anyhow, good luck.
  4. I wouldn't take much notice of what Clegg and Cable say, just offer them a cabinet post and they'll change their minds. They've both got form for that.
  5. Why would it? They already know where to get the weapons from and how to use them. All this hand wringing and soul searching and nothing's going to change. A bloke on radio the other day who's son had been stabbed was saying that most of the offenders come from single parent families with no male role models, a couple of days before an ex Met officer was talking about it being a problem with the black community but they couldn't acknowledge it without being accused of racism. Add the fact that most of them are unemployed, and probably unemployable. Virtually no sanctions on anyone who's caught, just a slap on the wrist instead of life meaning life, i'll wait for the abuse from the liberal left who think people shouldn't be locked up because it breaches their human rights, or saying 'prison doesn't work', well it works 100 percent while they're off the streets. And all another consequence of open borders, we saw a programme about Oxford street the other day and most of the offenders pick pocketing and shop lifting were Eastern European. The ones who seem to be the gang members from what we see on the news aren't the descendants of caribean and Asian immigrants who came here to work generations ago, so it's not fair to say it's purely a black problem.
  6. Didn't somebody say a few days ago that you didn't vote in the referendum? I can't believe that at all, so can you confirm that you did?
  7. That's what it was intended as, a safety net not a life style choice for years.
  8. I know we haven't left yet, that's why I said in my post we were told that a vote to leave would IMMEDIATELY cost hundreds of thousands of jobs. As I said there's virtually full employment so you should have no problem getting a job, after all immigrants have no problem getting one.
  9. We were told before the referendum that a vote to leave would immediately cost hundreds of thousands of jobs. In fact employment is higher than its ever been and unemployment is so low it would normally be classed as full employment taking into account people moving between jobs. The government is doing crap, but the alternative is even worse, if the present Labour Party is ever elected then you'll be able to look forward to some unemployment in the country as big business will be fleeing to avoid sky high taxes. As for calling people who voted for brexit idiots, well that's over half of the electorate that voted, I know plenty who voted to remain and just because they voted differently to me I wouldn't dream of calling them idiots, but I suppose that's your prerogative but it's no way to win a discussion where people have different points of view. ---------- Post added 27-03-2018 at 16:37 ---------- I've often wondered about that.
  10. For the record you told us you had a period of 18 years on the dole, hardly a great record on your behalf. Perhaps you'd like to change that. You accuse me of personal attacks but have no problem calling people who voted for brexit idiots. You've also told us that the UK is going down the pan but you have no problem accepting the benefits living here gives. Try changing the record, you appear to have plenty of time on your hands to do it.
  11. What's a personal attack about that? Just pointing out you might be able to get a job, or is it that what's the problem? So you won't be able to spend all day on here moaning about brexit.
  12. Juncker was saying not so long ago he wanted Albania. Macedonia and some other lame duck country to join. But he was worried that Poland who are one of the biggest recipients of EU cash, will as their economy improves be eventually a net contributor and the part of the population who are euro sceptic will become even more so as they are paying for those countries. ---------- Post added 26-03-2018 at 16:42 ---------- The EU doesn't have any money, only what the members pay in. We pay in a lot and get a bit back. You'll be OK when we leave. You might get one of the jobs when all the remoaners leave as they keep promising us, then you won't need to spend another 18 years on the dole.
  13. You'll soon get another job with all those qualifications you got when you were on the dole for eighteen years last time. Plus there'll be plenty of jobs when the remoaners who spend all day on here telling us they're international business people leave. That'll be the day.
  14. What are you proposing? Your solution to everything is to screw the bankers and the rich. The NHS, Education, the Police, the Forces, the Fire Brigade, Social care etc etc all say they are underfunded, your solution is to soak the rich to pay for everything, don't you think the rich already pay a big percentage of taxes levied and to start increasing them will ultimately lead to less tax revenues as money will be moved to a less punitive tax regime. We've got people who spend all day on here complaining that others should be paying more but not volunteering to pay more themselves, it's always 'somebody else should pay more'. One even seems quite proud of the fact that he spent 18 years on the dole at one time.
  15. You seem to have a problem with the rich people, have you considered they might have worked for it? Plenty who sit on their backsides drawing drawing dole money for years might think about getting work and trying to join them instead of being jealous.
  16. I know the money Sanchez is getting is crazy, but it looks good value in today's market as it was reported that Sunderland were paying Jack Rodwell 70k a week and I don't think he even gets in the team on a regular basis. Not bad for a team at the bottom of the championship, the worst team I've seen at the Lane this season.
  17. Probably because the EU works very similar to the UK benefits system, where most able bodied people get a job and pay taxes when they've finished education and work til they retire, and some sit on their backsides drawing benefits moaning about how the rich should be taxed more. In the EU some countries pay a lot in and get a little out and some pay a little in and get a lot out. The latter lot are hardly likely to want change. Then in the middle at the EU distributing the money are the people on big wages, expenses and pensions, they're also hardly likely to want any changes.
  18. True, but it would eventually when it was put in the hands of the people who didn't know how to invest it for the best returns.
  19. So we'll take it that you won't be going for any of the available jobs then.
  20. Well thought out, then the poor could pay the taxes to fund your benefits.
  21. So you'll not be going for any of the jobs when they all leave then? There's a surprise.
  22. Yes, my first memories of seeing Liverpool was in the fifties at the Lane when the blades and them were in the old second division. And they've never looked back after Shankley put the team together that you mentioned. Just as an afterthought, last week on 5 live they played a bit where a reporter was going round Liverpool asking people if they remembered the 1967 derby match, one bloke said 'yes I played in it'. The bloke turned out to be Tommy Lawrence.
  23. You seem to have a habit of calling people who voted for brexit idiots. Aren't you the same person who said on another thread you'd had eighteen years on the dole at one time. Well you must have got at least a couple of degrees during that time so presumably you're one of the high fliers on a fantastic income, where I'm only one of the uneducated brexiteers who left school at fifteen and managed to work for fifty years in various jobs. When all the people from the EU start leaving you'll be able to get an even better job. Or is it that what you're worrying about?
  24. I seem to recall that 60s Liverpool team being more than moderately successful. Wasn't he part of the team that Shankley put together which were great right down the middle, Lawrence, Ron Yeats and Ian St John. That was the foundation for what the Liverpool team have achieved since. R.I.P
  25. Yes, it certainly is for reasons no government can agree on. On thing that surprised me recently was reading that the NHS was in the list of the five biggest employers in the world in the latest figures I saw from 2015. And that list included private companies and organisations like the US military. Seeing as we're not even remotely the largest country in the world the conclusion would be that either other countries aren't employing enough staff or ours aren't being used efficiently. Our NHS is always held up as being crap for whatever reason and perhaps other countries who don't give care for everyone free at the point of contact have got it right, and before anyone has a go at me I honestly don't know what would be the best system.
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