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  1. Somebody said on here we need vision,leadership and a will to succeed. Let's build an airport, but with a runway for only small planes. Let's build a stadium for one event, then pay for it until 2020. Let's build a town hall then knock it down. Let's collect the 40 million owed in council tax and rent and use it towards developing the city. Liverpool, Manchester and Leeds have gone through the same downturn as Sheffield but seem to have fought back, if you walk from Leeds railway station to the royal armouries by the water it seems a vibrant area, the Liverpool waterfront area development looks great and I believe the same is happening in Manchester. My siblings and their families have also left Sheffield with no prospect of returning permanently, on visits I hear how dirty Sheffield is with litter and fly tipping, the main offender being Sheffield city counci, every two weeks blue boxes are put out with waste paper, some bright spark thought it would be a good idea to put a fabric bonnet on them, most of those are now either lost or damaged so with a slight breeze they empty themselves. Last week I saw about half a lorry load of stripped out electric cable that he'd been fly tipped about 5 yards from a sign saying " fly tippers can be fined up to 50K" oh yes. At the same time rules at council dump it sites make it difficult to go with a van or small lorry, so is it any wonder people fly tip, and yes I know they shouldn't but bear in mind some people are morons. I occasionally go into the city centre to have a drink with some ex work colleagues, we've been offered CDs, DVDs, tobacco, spirits and razor blades by the local shop lifters, and please don't say they are supplementing their benefits as they are in there when I go in and still there when I come out 3 pints later only leaving occasionally to pinch something else, I know this can happen in any big city but it doesn't leave a good impression on visitors, never mind we have a caring inclusive council so I suppose everything will carry on as before.
  2. Diseases associated with extreme poverty? I'm still suffering with that millennium virus.
  3. When I read this I thought ,what's the problem? Until recently I presumed that would be the norm. Then last week on local television two women were complaining about benefit cuts, neither were speaking in English , it said underneath one was an ex nurse, which would seem to beg the Questions, if you don't speak English in an inclusive society, do you only treat patient who speak the same language? How do you write up patient records? How do you communicate with colleagues? Etc. I apologise to her if she can speak English.
  4. I see this morning the latest poll among labour voters puts Jeremy Corbyn in the lead for the leadership, to paraphrase " will this be the longest suicide vote in history". Before the recent election I heard a political commentator saying 500 seats in the country don't matter, elections are decided on 150 swing seats, so called Middle England, so South Yorkshire will always vote labour and the South East will always vote Tory. Tony Blair recognised this and though he is still hated by the left he won 3 elections for labour. Therefore it seems Its no good voting in who you might want as leader on ideological grounds but the best alternative who's acceptable to the country. I also read that at the moment whatever you may think of him Boris Johnson is the most popular politician in the country, (We're doomed captain Mannering). Slightly off subject the politicians I've heard recently who've impressed me have been John Mann labour and Zac Goldsmith and Jacob Rees Mogg Tory.
  5. You're right Mooks about the guitarists, I remember reading one of the old guitar mags when Steve Morse joined deep purple in the 90s it said he would make them a better band, I'd always thought Ritchie Blackmore was amazing but he was something else.
  6. Great thread Mooks, I just thought I'd tell you how I got into liking what I regard as Metal, it might stir memories for people of my vintage. I'm even older than you but we've got to keep young, I got interested in music about 1959 when I was a youngster, until then all we'd had were copies of American crooners,then copies of American R&Rers Adam Faith, Cliff Richard etc copying Elvis, Buddy Holly etc, the only original we had was Lonnie Donegan, then and I can remember it now, one night about 1962 on Granada Television I saw the Beatles singing Love me do and I thought wow , it Was a game changer for Music, we went to see them at City Hall a couple of times and they were even better live, we started going round the clubs in Sheffield and Manchester saw the Hollies, Searchers, Manfred Mann and a few others then the Who about 64 can't remember if it was Mojo or Esquire, great times. Then of course you get married, have kids and you're too busy working to go and see groups. Then in the70s i began playing cassettes of my version of metal in the car on the way to work, Zeppelin, cream, pink Floyd and Deep Purple. Then when I retired I started buying CDs of compilation albums at the supermarkets for a fiver,so along with the 60s stuff I've got things like Lynyrd Skynyrd and those above, I know they're probably not a real metal fans idea of heavy metal but they'll do for me. Finally If I had to pick only 3 tracks to listen to for the rest of my life they would be, Jumping Jack Flash, stones, Won't get fooled again, the Who and Highway star, deep purple.so thanks for the thread Mooks.
  7. I heard from BT two months ago about this, I had been expecting it when they took over European matches, but to be fair I think it's not bad in this day and age considering you also get a premier league match most weekends.
  8. Well said newcomer01, I've only just joined SF after retiring and finding time, but I can't believe some of the vitriol directed after reasoned opinion or light hearted comment. I think we should all agree that opinion is just that. In the nearly fifty year that I've voted I've had numerous discussions and arguments with family, friends and work colleagues about politics and such without falling out, and in that time I can't remember too many people changing opinion, so can we please chill out.
  9. Don't panic Captain Mannering, David Cameron has called a meeting, so it's sorted. Mind you, we will need to read his statement very carefully, like all politicians the operative words are usually could, should, can or might.
  10. I'm not a horse racing fan, but he was a pleasure to listen to, knowledge and enthusiasm. Everyone I've heard talking about him who knew him has said he was a true gentleman. A legend.
  11. It seems clear that there's too many people in GB and we need to deport a few, I think we should start on: People at golf tournaments who shout " get in the hole" when the golfer hits a shot 300 yards from the green. People who sit in aisle seats on buses and trains when there's an empty seat by the window. I know a bloke who bumps in to them on purpose then says sorry. Families who go on holiday mob handed monopolising all the sun beds, usually scousers, Geordies and cockneys. Arsenal fans who complain about Arsene Wenger,(they should try living in Sheffield) There would of course be exceptions in these depending on which football team they support, obviously Blades would be exempt.
  12. True, she was but don't even get me going on Rooooobert Peeeeeeeston.
  13. Well, this is a first. I used to listen to 5 live quite a bit but some things have been bugging me lately, I know I'm not the most articulate person on the forum, but these people get paid for talking, presenters and reporters. Who can't put a sentence together without umming and erring all the time, some of the worst are Chris Warburton, Peter Allen and Rod Sharp. Starting every sentence with, basically, saying yer know, at the end of the day, they'll soon be saying, he turned round, then it will be like the Jeremy Kyle show. And why do they play music behind reports? Is it just to stop me hearing? Sorry about the rant but I had to start somewhere.
  14. Hi there,I'm new to the forum, interests include gardening, walking, trying to play guitar and golf (not at the same time) and music.as a teenager of the late 50s and early 60s this is of course R&R. Hope to get on SF later.
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