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  1. After reading some of the debate (<removed>) on this thread it's no wonder religion has lost its appeal to most people. Religion is an insurance policy for most people who believe in it ( and good luck to them) in the extremely unlikely event that there will be an afterlife. Why would anyone who genuinely believed in heaven, paradise or whatever you may call it want to stay living? If after dying they were to be re-united with their loved ones who'd already died and enjoy all the other benefits of living in paradise. A few years ago millions of pilgrims went to Saudi Arabia to worship and throw stones, no I don't understand that either, a few people started running then the instinct of self preservation kicked in, overcame any religious feeling and a stampede started with the resultant tragedy that hundreds were killed. Having said all that if someone wants to believe in their own particular religion I don't have a problem with that at all as long as it doesn't affect the rest of us.
  2. Too early to know who's going to do it this year, every season some teams start like a house on fire then fade, didn't Leeds do that last season? And usually another unfancied team comes out of the pack and goes up. Obviously I'm wishing for the Blades to come top and wouldn't even mind the Owls coming second as long as we do the double and finish about 10 points in front. It's about time the city had a premiership presence as long as it's Blades. In reality I think we'll both finish mid table, Rotherham will stay up and Barnsley will come straight back up. And Chesterfied, a club I've always wanted to do well will come straight back into the league. I hope you all get what you want for your clubs as long as they finish below the Blades.
  3. Those particular companies you mentioned failed for one reason only, because most people now prefer to do a lot of their buying online from companies like Amazon who siphon most of their taxes through countries like Luxembourg because of their lower tax regime. Something that Jean-Claude Juncker doesn't seem to have a problem with. Wonder why that is? It's funny that a lot of the left wing losers don't want the UK to go down the same route. As for you hating every minute working in the private sector, why aren't I surprised at that? It's the usual reaction from people who have been cosseted in the public sector. And how do you know the people you mention would have made brilliant managers? I've worked at quite a few places in the fifty years after leaving school and in my experience most people tend to find their level.
  4. Yes, best person for the job, I should have put 'in their opinion'. The bankers! Wasn't it Gordon Brown who bailed out the banks? When a lot of economists said he should have let them go bust. If companies go bust it's because they are crap, under Jeremy Kyle, sorry I meant Jeremy Corbyn, I always get them mixed up, he would be nationalising everything then throwing money at them. Mind you, he wouldn't be able to do that for long as tax revenues went down as the wealthy moved their money to a less repressive tax regime. ---------- Post added 15-08-2018 at 20:01 ---------- By the way, have you worked in the private sector?
  5. Have you ever worked in the private sector? Companies appoint the best person for the job and pay them accordingly, to hopefully make more profit, employ more people who then pay more tax, unfortunately your left wing utopia admirable as it may be doesn't work and never has.
  6. At least we're now getting rid of the blue boxes with the stupid fabric covers. Every other week when there's been more than mild breeze there's been paper rubbish blowing around where the covers were missing or damaged. We might even start putting paper in the recycling bin now.
  7. So we've gone from what's going to happen to what won't happen, all the doom and gloom forecasting by the remoaners about unemployment shooting up after the result for instance when in fact unemployment is now at its lowest level for forty years. We were told that it was the retired that swung the referendum, that surely can't be right looking at Sheffield forum as the remoaners who spend all day on here surely voted to leave. They can't all be unemployed or is that the problem they don't like full employment as they might have to get a job.
  8. That ain't going to happen, some of the remoaners on here were promising us they were going to leave just after the referendum but they're still all here.
  9. I don't know which is best for ownership of a club, but a few years ago I read 'Soccernomics' by Simon Kuper and Stefan Szymanski, in that book they wrote about the rise of Olympique Lyon in the early 2000s. They went from being a second division team in the late 1980s to winning seven first division titles in a row from 2002 under four different managers. It didn't matter who the manager was they always played the same style of football and the manager didn't decide who they would sign, they had a committee who decided that, using what the called 'the wisdom of crowds'. I think the theory was that a new manager will sign his own choices then when he gets sacked the new manager will sell some of them and start again.
  10. Another one who wants putting down before he kills somebody, no good for anything and never will be. At least it would stop him breeding.
  11. Anna, you really should stop reading the Daily Mail if it upsets you. As for needing the jobs, unemployment is very low at the moment, mind that could change quickly if we get a labour government any time soon.
  12. Muffin the mule was banned so punchin Judy should go the same way.
  13. You could well be right, that may be the average cost but that doesn't mean they can't be done much cheaper. Average costs are just that and apply to everything we buy.
  14. I thought that Baroness Chakrabarti had carried out an investigation into alleged anti semetism in the Labour Party and found there was very little. So that's OK then, there can't be, mind she's been very quiet lately.
  15. On the news last night mattresses were being delivered to families that didn't have them, then the kids were jumping up and down on them with their shoes on, never mind they'll soon get another one. No mention of what jobs the fathers were doing or how much they were earning. Plus the shock headline of 400,000 kids without a mattress was a guess according to the charity distributing them. Having said that I've also got no problem with a charity giving out stuff, if someone wants to donate that's entirely up to them.
  16. What, with the same bag? The only thing I've ever knowingly bought knowing it to be a fake was a fake Rolex which I bought there a few years ago for a fiver, it kept perfect time for years. But I wouldn't dream of buying anything that rubs in to the skin or needs to be plugged in.
  17. Like the fat women with no teeth on the Jeremy Kyle show drawing attention to them with piercings round their mouth and in their tongues, because they're thick.
  18. According to the Star the players from the academy were 5th on the list of minutes played in the premiership last season. Just a Shame that they're still not here. But if the top premiership clubs can't hang on to players we haven't got much chance.
  19. Extremely depressing, the fact that people are dying young due to preventable reasons, too fat, drugs, alcohol and smoking. And it's ironic that these mostly apply to the people said to be living in poverty. According to posters on here after working for 50 years we're living in poverty, But manage to live what's said to be a fairly healthy lifestyle. The problem is that the benefit dependant (not the disabled) have too much time on their hands and no incentives to get off their usually fat backsides.
  20. Yep we did that, queued simply because of the reputation, never again, you're quite correct it was rubbish value for money.
  21. Throwing stones at Israeli soldiers is a bit like poking a rhino with a stick, a stupid thing to do. One thing that can be relied on, 'don't mess with the Israelis' or you'll come out on the losing side in the Middle East.
  22. It's the first time I've heard of this term when I've just seen it on here. Seems a bit strange that it's used for Tory voters, I would have thought it's more applicable to left wingers. Jeremy Corbyn looked as though he was ready to explode on yesterday's PMQs. It's also usually the left who are getting angry on demo's ranting about people who've got more than them, conveniently forgetting that they might have worked hard for it.
  23. Probably some of the educated remoaners didn't vote because they couldn't spell X, likely to have used a Z. Or perhaps they were too busy working, oh hang on a bit.
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