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  1. Also on 5 live this morning it was said that German new car sales had fallen by thirty percent in the same period, wow they must be leaving as well.
  2. Why waste money on board and lodgings for years? They'll never be any good for anything, just put them down and use the organs for spare part surgery, at least they'd then be making a contribution to society.
  3. What? Do you mean like the remoaners on here who've been telling us since the referendum that they're leaving? They're still all here, every waking hour on the forum.
  4. Problem with that is that a lot of the remoaners are leaving, oops sorry they're still all here.
  5. We went to a German/Chinese restaurant, the problem was half an hour after finishing eating you want to invade Poland.
  6. When I wanted to transfer some family videos to DVD a few years ago I bought one at a car boot sale for about three quid. You never know your luck.
  7. Its quite easy to tell, look in the pants and if there's meat and two veg in there then you're a bloke. What's so difficult about that?
  8. Seriously yes, it's the mantra from the left 'tax the wealthy' this is the only forum I ever look at or go on but I'm sure others are the same, In virtually every thread about politics that is the main theme from the left. As for you saying that there should be one rate of income tax I bet the wealthy would be with you on that one, most would probably save a fortune.
  9. It's also an historic fact that less than that voted to remain.
  10. I said in my post that I would discount the disabled in my comment and would count the mentally ill in that. As for your comment about jealousy, that is entirely the motive of most of the left, they always feel it should be someone else paying more tax, as for your leader JC I would also probably discount him from that. I don't hate him and have a certain amount of admiration for his restraint in being one of the lowest claimers of expenses in the commons and his fairly austere lifestyle as I understand it. But that doesn't stop me disagreeing with his policies. The policies of taxing the wealthy who already pay most of the tax in the country has been done to death on here and its been said many times increasing rates means less tax yield.
  11. So you imagine everyone living in those leafy suburbs have had everything given to them, and want to tax them accordingly. One of my siblings lives in a place like that, they've got two expensive cars and have plenty of foreign holidays, worked for everything they've got, coming from a working class background and there's no jealousy from me and the rest of the family. As regards contrasts with other areas, there's no reason why anyone with a will to work can't better their standards but unfortunately we've now got a benefit culture with a lot feeling a sense of entitlement, and the left encouraging that.
  12. No idea, but I don't see why it should be. ---------- Post added 05-09-2018 at 16:34 ---------- So why is his opinion any more valid than anyone else's? Especially so as he leads such a sheltered life.
  13. I see the Archbishop of Canterbury is moaning about austerity and unfairness, not bad coming from a bloke who lives in a palace. He could help out by selling off some of the property owned by the C of E and donating it to the poor, but that ain't going to happen. It's hilarious how the moaning about austerity on here usually comes from those who are on here all day. Sympathising with the feckless and benefit breeders. As been said on here before there's not many living in poverty in the U.K. Most can afford smart phones costing hundreds of quid, and plenty are still smoking, drinking and getting tattoos and body piercings. The other year look north featured a food bank that was closing in Barnsley, most of the people there complaining were about four stone overweight Virtually full employment, so a simple solution, try working for a living if you can't afford something. Of course I don't include the disabled in that comment.
  14. Ours has bedding plants in it in summer and the bulbs will be going in soon for winter and spring.
  15. We probably need Clegg back to give advice on student loans, he could team up with Diane Abbott for help with the sums.
  16. USA economy booming, more in employment than ever before, that hasn't gone down well with the left wing losers. Mind you most of them are the same people who don't like the fact that we've virtually got full employment here, probably scared they might have to get a job. I'm also not keen on him as a bloke, but you can't fault his record on the US economy and as long as he keeps on upsetting the losers that's OK with me.
  17. Seems our fishermen have been fishing quite legally, a trawler man on radio this morning said the French do exactly the same thing depleting the Bass stocks when the Brits aren't allowed to fish, but there's been no violent confrontation there. But of course the remoaners who hate the British aren't going to mention that.
  18. To right, it's just like being fat, alcoholic or a smoker. We all eat, possibly drink or in my case used to be a smoker, but what we eat, drink, smoke or otherwise put in our body's in purely down to us.
  19. Seeing as you've only highlighted a couple of lines of my post and only replied to that I presume you agree with the rest of my post. Yes I think the multinational companies should be paying the appropriate tax on earnings in this country, but as we both know a lot of them including most of the internet companies siphon their earnings through lower tax regimes, Including other countries in the EU like Luxembourg but the left wing remoaners are quite happy to accept that. I would also say the same about billionaires who make their money here, unfortunately as I saw on a TV programme the other year tax law is written with built in loopholes by people who then go to work for those companies and exploit them and this has happened under governments of both colours. If you read my post you will have seen I never mentioned allowing tax avoidance or evasion, I was talking about not increasing taxes. I think you've both unfortunately got a bit of a complex about control of the media and don't give people enough credit for making their own minds up and forming their own opinions.
  20. Well, Anna said he never promised it, also her link says that, so we will never know. Yes I do believe his policies are hard left, I personally don't believe nationalising things makes them better, having worked in the public sector for a while before going self employed I was amazed at the attitudes of a lot of people who worked there, it always struck me how much money was wasted and then like all public services moan about lack of funding. Also overtaxing the wealthy will only lead to one thing, money will be moved to a less severe regime. I'm old enough to remember the 60s when I think I'm right in saying some people were paying up to 95 percent income tax and moved abroad, do you recall the Beatles song 'Taxman'? Also it went a bit against the grain after working and paying income tax and NI for fifty years to see some families having kids for benefits with no intention of working. The left are always bleating on about austerity and food banks but most of these people can afford the latest smart phones etc and are usually the fat families who will continue smoking and drinking. So please excuse my scepticism about the left but I'm afraid like you I ain't going to change my opinion.
  21. Whether he did or didn't absolutely say he would abolish tuition fees, young voters including my own grandkids believed that it was the intention and voted Labour and even though I didn't, I can't fault them. They fell into the trap of believing politicians intentions. It's often said that older people vote Tory, and likely true, I voted Labour from the mid 60s until Gordon Brown became PM and Labour opened the borders to Eastern Europeans to come here and claim benefits, a decision that's still having consequences now with brexit, if that hadn't happened I'm sure we would never have had a referendum or probably even not have been called for by the number of people that did. I can see you're passionate about JC and what you think he can achieve, but I think I'm correct in saying there's never been a successful hard left government anywhere in the world. Most of us are idealists when we're younger but as we grow older we become more of realists, and don't forget young people become middle aged and middle aged people become old people and perspectives are always changing.
  22. The remoaners are still at it, they genuinely make me laugh, hilarious. They're still talking about when they're going to leave, then keep coming up with reasons why they haven't.
  23. The thing that shocked me about this is the 'SIR Norman Bettison'. That proves to me that they really are now giving the honours out with the cornflakes.
  24. I was going to argue with you Anna but I'm beginning to think you might be correct about some things about university's. I've just been reading on the BBC about some overpaid academic with too much time on their hands at Leicester university saying female and male staff should be encouraged to say the word 'menapause' at least three times a day to normalise it's use. I'm just glad that none of my grandkids went there if that's the standard of teaching staff. Mind you most of the posts on SF during normal working hours come from the left wing losers who claim to work with students one way or another, another case of too much time on their hands.
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