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  1. Why,are they coming from Saudi Arabia? And yes I would call any country that can give the death sentence to people for renouncing their religion medieval, wouldn't you?
  2. It's just what we need in the UK, more religious fanatics from medieval countries that hate the west, (which they manage to put to one side when receiving aid).
  3. Too true, but you'll still get the left wing losers making excuses for them. They always think more of the perpetrators than victims where crime is concerned, I wouldn't be surprised if some of them get paid to work with the low life's.
  4. There's only one way to tell you this but here we go, nobody on here believes you've got a friend and also you're never going to get a job with your attitude. But anyhow when I went to collect the bin the refuse man was still there, the bag of wallpaper waste was on top of the bin with the old rolls and part rolls underneath . After telling me he couldn't take it he was two houses down before I could take the bag out and let him empty the rest, something he could have done quite easily. so yes every thing is now going in the black bin which we are paying 156 quid a month for having emptied. And like most people on here I couldn't care less what you think.
  5. That's not a very nice reply, Why don't you try to be a bit more pleasant? I know this sounds unlikely but you might even make a friend. See, I told you it sounded unlikely.
  6. At one house we bought when we moved in we bought top quality Axminster (I seem to remember it was graded AO or something like that) for the lounge,dining room, hall and stairs. Even though we had kids at home then we couldn't wear them out and after a few years we were fed up of the sight of them and wanted a change even though they were still in excellent condition, we now go for the cheaper options , I can't remember how much the last one we bought cost per square metre but wouldn't dream of spending 60 quid PSM.
  7. I used to have some of that mindset myself, I voted Labour from the mid 60s until Gordon Brown became PM and I could see then that the government was well on the way to taking us down the road of making living on benefits a lifestyle choice. I must say that I exclude anyone who is disabled from these comments.
  8. And us, we never used the box for paper as every time there was more than just a stiff breeze the paper would blow out of the boxes and finish up all over the road. We used the blue bin the first time of collection for all the paper we'd stripped off decorating and cleared all the rolls of paper from the garage from previous decorating. After the bins had supposedly been emptied I went to collect it and it was still full, I was told they couldn't empty it because the stripped off wallpaper was in a plastic bag. Because there are only two of us living here now we don't create a lot of waste so the lot went in the black bin and we've now got an extra storage bin in the garage.
  9. I must be missing something reading the link. I can't see where it says how many hours a week the working poor are actually working, I would suspect most are doing the minimum to retain benefits. If that's the case one answer is fairly simple, do more hours, after all we've virtually got full employment and with all the EU immigrants going home there'll be even more opportunities. It might also be an idea to just have as many kids as they can afford. Also as it's been said already on the thread there will always be people 60 percent below the average unless we think everybody deserves the same wage regardless of ability or ambition, I suppose that is the ambition of the current Labour Party to remove the incentive of improving ones lot in life.
  10. Must have been a marriage made in heaven, sounds like he will be better off without her if she's a typical remoaner, spending all day sulking on the internet.
  11. They probably did a brain scan and couldn't find one. That's been the case since the left wing losers started having their way. Always finding some excuse for them.
  12. It was reported recently that a UN environment chief had resigned after spending nearly half a million dollars on air travel and hotels in less than 22 months. Another case of snouts in trough and do as I say.
  13. Quite a few of the remainers on here have said there should be up to a two thirds vote to change the status quo, as the status quo is that we have voted to leave presumably they would be quite happy to have a referendum on those terms.
  14. It's funny how all the bile and venom comes from the losers. No wonder you're depressed you probably need to get out a bit and speak to real people instead of spending all your time worrying about something you can't do anything about.
  15. Where do you get the idea that I'm a right winger opposed to women's rights? I've got a wife ,daughter, daughter in law and grand-daughters, and they've always been treated just the same as the male members of the family. Choose what they wear, what jobs to do and choose their own partners regardless of race or religion. I'm also not all that keen on Donald Trump as a bloke, but he was elected by the US voters. And I don't feel the same hatred for him as the left wing losers who hate everybody who's been successful. I also voted Labour from the mid 60s until Gordon Brown became PM and they then abandoned the working class and started favouring the idle and feckless making it easy to live a good life without working. So if that makes me a right winger, so be it.
  16. Quite correct about not wanting to integrate, but that probably originates from the male extremists from that culture that don't want them to integrate. It's strange that the same left wing losers who are always having a go at Donald Trump and accusing him of extremism are quite happy to excuse a culture where women are quite often treated as second class citizens, told what to wear, who to mix with and marry and even sometimes mutilated in the name of that culture.
  17. We got our new brown bin the other week, the lid and hinge seem a lot more flimsy than the black bin of which we've still got the original one, I can't see it lasting long. Then it'll need recycling.
  18. Probably the song you're thinking of is the Who's 'Naked eye'. "You can cover up your guts, But if you cover up your nuts, You're admitting that there must be something wrong'.
  19. So, no argument then. Just dismiss it I'll leave the last word to you as usual, you've obviously got plenty of time on your hands. I've got other things to do, as Mrs gomgeg wants taking out tonight and I've been told I've got to go and get ready.
  20. They probably need to tell us where they've gone in that case so we can avoid going there, as they must be the most boring places in the world seeing as they spend most of the day on here. If they've got jobs they must be in the public sector then, as no one I know who's either self employed or in the private sector has that much time on their hands. And don't come out with the old chestnut about working smarter which is the usual excuse for the terminally unemployed. I've never complained about immigrants coming here to work, I might have complained about the ones who came here to claim benefits, free housing, health care and education but that's a different story as if I put too much on that subject it will be removed. ---------- Post added 19-10-2018 at 17:48 ---------- So you don't like the idea of full employment and rising wages. You prefer to moan about something that might happen or might not, says a lot about the remoaners.
  21. Why isn't it? I always thought that the team with the most points would be top of the league. Mind you I'm not saying the Blades are going to stay there but we can dream.
  22. And no one believes the remoaners who are on here all day who told us they would be leaving, still all here and still coming out with project fear, how we're all going to suffer from brexit. There's no easy way of telling you this but wages are rising at the fastest rate for ten years, plus there's virtually full employment, something the vast majority of the EU can only dream about. That might be what some of the remoaners are worried about, they might have to get a job if there are too many vacancies, then they'll not be able to spend all day on forums moaning.
  23. I thought I'd seen your first post somewhere else, so that's where they get the news from then!!!
  24. It don't matter where they were made if they didn't sell them.?
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