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  1. True, but then the Uk did do something about him. Would you suggest we do the same about Trump?
  2. The democratically elected leader, and no, I'm not defending him I'm just showing my amazement that some people can be so upset about something they can do nothing about.
  3. I bet the democratically elected President of the most successful country in the world is absolutely gutted that a few left wing losers in South Yorkshire don't like him. But there again they don't like anything that's a success, like brexit the Tories and people who have made money by their own efforts, it probably says more about their failure than the things they hate. One even said he was 'beside himself with rage' because of Trump, he must have had a very sheltered life if he gets that upset about something he can't do anything about. It's to be hoped nothing serious ever happens to him or he'll probably need a few years counselling. I'm not usually too bothered about something that I can have no influence on in politics, and I'm certainly no big fan of Trumps but I'm beginning to hope he's re-elected, at least there'll be the added bonus of upsetting the left wing losers even more.
  4. I know what you mean, one bloke on here said one of his relatives voted to leave then changed his mind, then a few weeks later said the same thing about another relative. When it was pointed out to him that he'd already used that anecdote about someone else he said he always got his relatives mixed up. You couldn't make it up could you? oh hang on a bit.
  5. What, and kill the goose that lays the golden egg? I can't see that happening, that would be like some millionaire taking the government to court to stop brexit and letting Corbyn in to Downing Street. That would be an ironic consequence when he starts, as one Labour politician once said, 'squeezing the rich til the pips squeak.' Mind I'm sure he'll spend it wisely on the benefit breeders. I wonder how long it'll be before they start moving their millions.
  6. Fortunately, I don't need your permission to post on here. Also, I don't send letters to any newspaper, or use any other source of social media, despite being retired after working for 50 years I haven't got the time for other than the occasional visit on here.
  7. It's dominated by a handful of unemployed remoaners with too much time on their hands. They will all tell you they work for a living but it's fairly obvious with the time they spend on here that they don't. Its ironic that most of the ones with time on their hands are also usually bleating on about austerity, food banks and universal credit etc, as usual with the losers they always want somebody else to pay for their lifestyle instead of getting out there and working for a living.
  8. If you look back through my previous posts you'll find it was me who pointed it out to him. So no , not unattributed. I'm sure you'll find it, you seem to have plenty of time on your hands,
  9. There used to be a bloke on here who said one of his relatives had voted for brexit then regretted it. Then a few weeks later told us the same story but then it was a different relative. When it was pointed out to him that he'd already used that anecdote he said he was always getting his cousin mixed up with his nephew. Easy mistake to make I suppose, I'm always getting my cousin and nephew mixed up. Mind you I've no excuse, her moustache is a lot bigger than his.
  10. You've got to laugh at the unemployed remoaners, having a go at somebody who doesn't spend all day on forums. Perhaps he's got family, friends and a job, and hasn't got too much time on his hands for making up fairy tales.
  11. Possibly, but I've just seen another thread on here about what advice you'd give yourself aged 18,. I haven't contributed to it but if I did I would say don't stop in any job you're not happy in. I was older then that before I realised it, then I was much happier when I started doing it and left jobs taking a cut in pay sometimes.
  12. That'll not bother any of the unemployed remoaning losers who spend all day on here.
  13. Good grief, does that mean that to satisfy no1 they wouldn't believe in drawing benefits? That would throw a bit of a spanner in the works.
  14. I bet the billionaire, democratically elected president of the USA is gutted that a few unemployed left wing losers don't like him. The same ones who spend most of their time bleating on about poverty and austerity, if they got off their backsides and tried getting a job they might be a bit better off. Their hatred for anyone who is successful says more about them than it does about him.
  15. Go on then, give us the facts that 'voice of reason' asked for, and while you're at it tell us how many hours a week the working poor work. It might be an idea for people to take responsibility for their own lives instead of expecting others to pay for their lifestyle. We saved for two years before we got married for the deposit for a house, virtually stopped going out and drinking, didn't have a car during that period , worked as much overtime as possible and managed to save the equivalent of a years wages for two of us. I suppose we could have carried on with our previous lifestyle then moaned that we couldn't afford a house. We had two kids because we couldn't afford any more. And they've done the same and both have their own houses. And to be quite honest I couldn't care less what the left wing losers think about me. It might be an idea for them to get off their backsides and provide for their families instead of moaning on here all day.
  16. It's strange that the ones who are always moaning about poverty are usually the ones who spend most of their time on here. There's virtually full employment in the country at the moment, and has been said there are opportunities to upskill. The left wing losers always go on about the 'working poor' without telling us how many hours they're working a week, I suspect that most are working the minimum to claim benefits.
  17. I'm retired, so too busy. I expect you're the same so you know how it is or you could help them out.
  18. Like most other things in the public sector it's easy to waste money then complain there isn't enough. One Friday morning last year we joined the M18 from the M1 north about 7am., a couple of minutes later we slowed to a crawl then heard on the radio a lorry had broken down towards the A1 junction on Thursday evening,, when we eventually reached there it was half on the hard shoulder and half on the inside lane with 6 policemen stood around, When we came the other way about 7pm it was still there again with 6 police still stood around, the traffic stretched back nearly to the M1. I heard on the radio it'd been moved the following day. What a great use of resources.
  19. Just another load of unemployed left wingers with too much time on their hands, stopping their benefits would smarten them up. Probably the same crowd who are always bleating on about austerity, and wanting other people to pay for their lifestyle.
  20. I'm surprised you've lost the ability to read considering you spend all your time on here. Where did I say we need less police? In fact I think we need more police on the streets doing what they're paid to do, and if it upsets the left wingers, hard luck.
  21. It's likely not many will turn up. The one who voted for brexit will probably be working, the ones who usually turn up on demo's generally have too much time on their hands and are wanting to spend other people's money.
  22. Fairly typical, the unemployed left wing losers want to spend more money on extra policing. The same ones will then all be up in arms about them doing what they are supposed to do, searching for and removing weapons from the streets.
  23. Like I said when I was voting Labour I always understood they were against the unelected politicians in the Lords and their intention was to get rid, but once in power when they had a big enough majority to do it they bottled it and joined in. Fairly typical politicians, another of their policies was to get rid of fox hunting, something I don't have any particular opinion on. But once in power again they fudged it it and let down those who were against it and had given them their vote. As regards my education, I left school at fifteen did my C&G during my apprenticeship and updated my qualifications enough to do my job for the next fifty years. For your information I voted Labour til Gordon Brown became PM and the labour government opened the borders to allow anyone from the EU to come here and claim benefits, and before you say they needn't have done that, exactly but they did and we are now expected to trust them. Like most people I never had much of an opinion about the EU til then, but that changed when it became clear that certain politicians wanted a federal Europe, if it had remained a common market the whole issue of a referendum would never have arisen. I'll leave you to it now as I'm offski to the pub, so as usual you can have the last word.
  24. Calm down dear, you'll give yourself a seizure, why don't you relax and go and have a pint instead of spending all your time scouring the internet for something to upset you.
  25. The campaign for the losers vote are getting desperate , they've now rolled out the 'tub of lard' as one of their advocates. I never realised he was a Lord, I must start eating more cereals as this is the final proof that they must be giving the honours out in the packets of cornflakes. I worked with somebody in the eighties who was involved in local Labour politics and he said then that he would never be half the man his mother was. The best thing that can be said about him is that he's not Kinnock, another Labour lord who's name rhymes with another seven letter word that best describes him which is an anagram of locklip, something he'd have been better off doing. Another advocate of the EU who managed to work himself a job there, then a job for his wife, then a job for his son, he'd probably got a job lined up for Kinnock the glint in somebody's eye. Then you've got all the other Labour Lords who are all for the EU, Mandelson, Blunkett, etc. I can't believe I voted for this lot for the best part of forty years while they were telling us they were going to get rid of the Lords, they soon changed their mind when they were asked to join the gravy train. We are expected to listen to and take notice of this group of shysters, I don't think so.
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