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  1. Does anyone know of who to contact for the Hillsborough Games League or contacts for the darts Leagues in Sheffield. Players needed for team in Sheffield 6, Cheap club with good facilities and cheap drinks, Everyone welcome. Reply here and I will contact you. Thanks
  2. Heard on Sunday that this pub may become a Samuel Smiths house. Would be a cheap drink night then.
  3. The S2 group generally do 5k practise on Manor Fields, near Manor Park Centre. Not sure what nights yet?
  4. Hi Shaz, A work coach at Working Win told me she goes out with a group in the S2, Norfolk Park area. I'll try and find more details for you? K
  5. Does anyone know where information can be found on Hillsborough Games Leauge or Burngreve and District. Looked on Google but nothing, like a secret society. Looking for a team fairly close to S5, S6 or S3. Any help appreciated
  6. Try the Step-Out Sheffield site for walks. They do 25 differing walks around Sheffield. Most light around a hour or so, then refreshments. Would be a good way to meet people. I have helped lead some. Hope that helps.
  7. Hi mate. I tried to get a team together in Hillsborough area to no avail. No-one interested. Could do with a practise partner, I'm on lower Cross and go to Hillsborough Club, could do that on a Thur or Fri night for a couple of hours? I am in a games league that is looking to join Mag 7 in Autumn. If you want to come to the Three Cranes (up road from Boardwalk) in town on Feb 13th around 7.30, you can meet some of the guys. Cheers Kev
  8. Are these going to run in the New Year? Interested in 4G one.
  9. Three Cranes, Queens Street, Sheffield Centre. Darts KO. Crib and Dominos also played. £1 entry. Registration 7.15, play from 8.15. 1 x 501. Final 3 x 501. Winner £20 + 20% entries Runner-up £5 + 15% entries Highest C/O 10% entries The more enter, the bigger the prize fund.
  10. Such a shame as we have hosted Yorkshire matches for many years. Thing is, where would you play it? No outdoor arena.
  11. Hi, Thinking Tue or Wed at Goals. Have a few people to ask at Walking Football sessions. Games are £36. So say 7 of us, just over a fiver. I'll look at prices at Powerleague as well. Kev
  12. Anyone interested in starting a 5 a side team for Goals league. Need to build fitness but can use free walking football or cheap sessions as training. All positions needed, especially goalkeeper. Contact on here please. Kev
  13. May be interested in this. How to you go on for people without bowls? Do you have different size/bias to try, before buying? Can you say what day/nights sessions are please? thanks
  14. Hi Kev, Would be interested as my bus runs that way from Parson Cross. Used to play a fair bit but had a long lay-off. Just getting back to fitness so could build up with sessions or short spells in games depending on duration. Any idea of times and cost?
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