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  1. Hi, I'm a freelancer marketer, it'd be great to chat! I think it depends what your existing messaging is like on your website. It may be worth creating a smaller brochure site, alongside a new brand to expand your service. As hair salons, beauty parlours etc will have different needs to a domestic customer. If you'd like a chat, just PM and we can arrange something. All the best, Tom
  2. Hi, I prefer the cat version. However, maybe look at using a stock image from a site like iStock. That way the image will be a lot more high res, currently a bit blurry. If you're looking for any digital marketing services, let me know. All the best, Tom
  3. Hi Red, My name is Tom and I am a digital freelancer. I'd be happy to help. Thanks, To
  4. Hi guys, Me and the mrs and another couple want to go to a bonfire/firework display. Not feeling afterdark. Based on ecclesall road, any suggestions?
  5. Hi, Can anyone recommend any networking events to attend? Looking at Sheffield, Barnsley, Rotherham, Doncaster, Chesterfield even Worksop. Don't mind an early start either. Thanks
  6. Hi Steve, I'm a freelance marketer and would love to offer my advice. What are you currently doing? Do you have a website? Are you visible on social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter? If you have a website, where are you ranking on search engines? Have you also though about direct marketing to your target customers? It's hard to give you solid advice/help without me fully understanding what your business does. I'm happy to have a chat offline! Thanks, Tom
  7. Hi, I have private messaged you. Thanks, Tom
  8. Hi Guys, I may be able to help with your website issue. Drop me a message and we can discuss. Thanks,
  9. Hi Tank, I am currently working at a web design agency and i am looking for some freelance work. Would you be able to give me a private message so we can discuss this further? If it is a single page site, your cost will be kept low - a few hours of my time at the most. Regards, Tom
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