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  1. Does anyone know exactly where Upper Windsor Terrace was (is?) on Whitham Road in Broomhill.?It's listed in the 1861 census and in directories but I can't see it on any maps. I'm guessing it's near Weston Park Hospital.
  2. Does anyone have an image of the Lodge Moor/Redmires POW camp ruins which I could use on our Reading Sheffield website (http://www.readingsheffield.co.uk). Our project is about reading and libraries in Sheffield in the 20th c and we've just come across some info on the use made by the POWs of Sheffield Libraries. Happy to credit any images used.
  3. Does anyone remember taking part in, or watching, a play called The Magic Story Book at Walkley Library at Christmas 1949 and/or Woodhouse Library at Christmas 1950? Here is more information: http://www.readingsheffield.co.uk/blog/ According to a newspaper article, the children who took part at Woodhouse included: Maureen Fox, Barbara Grant, Kathleen Crossland, Carol Macintyre, Carol Macvinnie, Maureen, Eileen and Barbara May, Carol Pickeridge, Auriol Wheeler, Marlene Grice, Barbara Simons, Rita Hall, Pauline Cardwell, Carol Gummer, Eileen Price, Ann and Pat Roebuck, Lynne Hartley, Sandra Taylor, Joseph Firth and Stanley Rodgers.
  4. A long shot but does anyone remember or have info about the 'Novels Library'? It was on the High Street, near the junction with Mulberry Street, in the early 1930s. I don't know if it was a private library, like Boots or the Red Circle, or a bookshop. I have wondered if it might have been part of Pawson and Brailsford, the printers and stationers, who had premises on Mulberry Street, or even if it was part of Walsh's.
  5. Thanks for the latest posts. To Eater Sundae - I used to work in a library in the NE in the 70s and tidying those mostly thin little British Standards books was the bane of my life. They were kept on the bottom shelf in the Reference Librarian's office and I had to sit on the floor to get at them. I think all reference libraries probably had them. To Lynblu - yes, we had books we kept in the office, which people had to ask for by name. Bizarrely, they included Madame Bovary, on the personal instruction of the Borough Librarian, who was presumably afraid that reading it might give women ideas... ---------- Post added 26-02-2016 at 10:38 ---------- A new request from us. Any memories of school libraries in Sheffield in the middle of the last century? Some schools were lucky enough to have proper libraries. Some had library shelves in classrooms and Sheffield library staff used to come round to change the books. Anyone remember this? What sort of books were they? Did you have any contact with the librarians? Did it give you a taste for reading and did you go off to the Central or a branch too? Still interested in your other library memories too!
  6. The old Firth Park library seems to provoke lots of memories! It seems to be a recycling centre now and I would love to see inside it. The old pictures look wonderful. The new Firth Park Library seems a nice place and there were lots of people using it when I was there, and very friendly staff, but I don't think it compares!
  7. Thanks to all the latest posters. Your views about libraries and the things - incidents, books, people - that you remember from the past are fascinating. Quite a few things posted remind me of my own early experiences of libraries, though they were not in Sheffield. I've posted a few of your memories on our website - www.readingsheffield-co.uk/blog - as I said I would, and will do more later. Always happy to hear more from any Sheffield Forum member.
  8. Hi Sweetdexter This is so interesting. We have come across a number of private libraries but never one using a hand-cart. I hope you don't mind my asking if you remember anything else, like the dates it operated or where or whether it had a name. BTW, the Snig Hill library was the Red Circle. ValH
  9. Hi. No, not a member at all. I'm doing some research about libraries in Sheffield and so am interested in the little theatre under the Central Library, through which the library service used to promote literature with talks, films and of course plays. This included the Sheffield Playgoers. I have a playbill from February 1947, announcing the (presumably post-war) re-opening of the theatre with a play called This is my Life, by R F Delderfield and Basil Thomas.
  10. Thank you all so much for these memories so far! Just the sort of thing we are looking for. Unless anyone objects, I will gather them together (I'll probably give it a little more time first, to see if anyone else joins in) and put them on our blog at http://www.readingsheffield.co.uk/blog. I'll keep them all anon. Thanks again.
  11. Good idea. Thanks. I've read the group's history of Totley book but not looked at the website.
  12. We are interested in memories of Sheffield libraries between about 1920 and 1970 (and have already found some on this forum). The libraries might be public, based in schools, or private (like the Boots lending libraries). You might have worked in a library, or visited to borrow books, study etc. This is all for a project called Reading Sheffield, which started with interviews of about 60 Sheffield residents about why and what they read. You can visit our interviewees and read/subscribe to our blog at www.readingsheffield.co.uk. Your memories, which we won’t publish without your permission, could help us fill out our picture of reading in Sheffield in the mid-20th century.
  13. Trying to find information about Mr G R Vine who lived on Main Avenue, Totley in the 1930s. He was a retired maths teacher and headteacher at the Huntsman's Garden School. He seems to have been an amateur historian with a particular interest in Attercliffe and also held various official positions within the Baptist church in Sheffield. His family was local and at one time had a crinoline/corset making business in Carbrook.
  14. Any memories of the Sheffield Playgoers' Society which used to present plays in the Central Library Theatre in the 1940s?
  15. Hi and thanks so much. I've not had time to look at Kelly's but will now.
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