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  1. And what about children whose holidays are ruined because of these illegal activities. So my grandson want's mountain bike I'll steal one an give him a better life:loopy: ---------- Post added 30-07-2015 at 18:22 ---------- They shouldn't be in France either.
  2. What's up didn't it make you fly? Maybe in your case swim over a waterfall.
  3. New Jersey were long after the 60s with an old friend Roger Harrison on Drums.
  4. Denny live just down the road from me, I still see Margaret and have a chat when walking our dogs. Great guy great musician.
  5. Well if cannabis makes you think you can fly and you try it from a very tall building it will have cured your cancer.
  6. Well they should plant more crops so more of them can go doolally.
  7. You mean celebrating the birth of Jesus. Plus the Christian Bible also includes the old testament why shouldn't it?
  8. Waits for a response from Mafya. I'll get a flask and some sandwiches ready.
  9. Because they're bogus asylum seekers, refugees. Don't you understand the rules on seeking asylum or refugee status? These people are economic migrants who've paid thousands to traffickers to get this far.
  10. 3000 tried yesterday. that's 1095000 in a year. ---------- Post added 30-07-2015 at 17:33 ---------- I don't recall being asked, nor do I recall being asked if I wanted such a multicultural society neither do I know anyone else being asked. Waits for Halibut to play the race card.
  11. Cassity doesn't either. ---------- Post added 30-07-2015 at 10:44 ---------- So the local dentist is psycho hmm, his customers should be made aware.
  12. Is it correct that he has the worlds smallest dictionary?
  13. It is the second time Halibut has played the race card in his recent posts so do please mind your own business..
  14. Really you are ill informed or of flawed opinion.
  15. So is the guy who shot the lion in Zimbabwe. ---------- Post added 29-07-2015 at 19:14 ---------- So who feeds and shelters them? ---------- Post added 29-07-2015 at 19:15 ---------- This topic is about illegal immigrants no matter what colour. If you carry on with you racial insinuations I will report you to admin.
  16. Stop trying to place the racist card, it is nothing to do with colour, I object to my taxes being used on them. ---------- Post added 29-07-2015 at 18:53 ---------- It would seem that according to Halibut that the only criminals are those who object to illegal immigrants and economic migrants. ---------- Post added 29-07-2015 at 18:56 ---------- At that price it should be electric fencing. ---------- Post added 29-07-2015 at 19:02 ---------- How much do we give Nigeria, ant idea. ---------- Post added 29-07-2015 at 19:04 ---------- Utter rubbish we owe these economic migrants nothing, plus the fact we've poured £Billions into their countries in overseas aid. ---------- Post added 29-07-2015 at 19:06 ---------- That'd be chicken feed to the £thousands they've paid the traffickers. ---------- Post added 29-07-2015 at 19:07 ---------- You seem very well informed? ---------- Post added 29-07-2015 at 19:10 ---------- Put them on ships take them back to Africa, load them onto landing crafts and dump them on shore, any shore if they won't name their country of origin.
  17. Well the illegals do it easy enough. ---------- Post added 29-07-2015 at 18:48 ---------- How many times? They are not refugees, they are economic migrants who've paid traffickers thousands. ---------- Post added 29-07-2015 at 18:49 ---------- How do they manage to live whilst at Calais?
  18. These poor people can afford it they've paid thousands to traffickers just to get to Calais.
  19. That's not as much as the poor, starving illegals pay from Libya.
  20. I paid into the system all my working life but I am now told I'm a financial burden on the state, these false asylum seekers, false refugees, economic migrants should not be here. If it carries on they'll be the equivalent to a city the size of Sheffield, how irresponsible is that, will they be queuing at food banks will the heck as like. ---------- Post added 28-07-2015 at 18:52 ---------- Seem to have hit a raw nerve there didn't I.
  21. Having seen this happen to close friends of mine I can agree with Judges. My friends cared for the mother for some years after the death of the father, her son who was always the favourite rarely visited her. A cousin who was brought as a brother was turned out by the father as he stole from them one time too many. An Aunt and the mother's solicitor advised the mother to turn the flat over to my friend and his brother. The mother became seriously ill and once again the care was down to my friends. On the mother's 80th birthday once again it was left to my friends to do the catering and while this was going on the mother, brother and cousin were cooking up a plot to say the my friend had stolen a long playing record from the mother. My friend was cut out of the mother's will and my brother even tried to get my friends share of the flat from him. My friend took legal advice when the mother was finally taken into care just to get access to the flat as the locks had been changed, when he got access the flat was in a disgusting state that the brother had allowed his mother to live in. When the mother had moved into the flat it had been completely refurbished. Once again it was left to my friend and his wife to sort it out with the brother as usual absent. So I can see where the judges were coming from.
  22. Israel isn't scared of the Arabs they've whupped them enough times already. The truth is that there are so many bonkers Arabs that they are capable of any stupid action.
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