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  1. Hi Swingsheff, Myself and a friend would be interested in this, we need a space to play in as neither of us have suitable houses (babies next door!) to practice in. Is this something we could be a part of? Thanks! Eddy
  2. Hiya, I'm a guitarist, recently moved to Sheffield and looking to find likeminded people to kick up a racket with. I love noisy punk from Stooges and MC5 to F**ked Up and P*ssed Jeans. While I'm normally a guitarist I love playing bass too, so I'm happy doing either. Looking to find a drummer and other guitarists to make some noise with. Maybe a lunatic vocalist as well. Can be as relaxed or as committed a project as you fancy, the important thing at this stage is just getting in a room with some good people and playing loud. Everything else, we take from there. Sound good? Please PM me or email me at eddyjbaker[at]gmail.com. I can give you a link to my previous band's bandcamp (I was lead vocals and guitar) to give an idea of what I've done before.
  3. If you guys need a guitarist or bassist, I'd love to get involved. I'm a punk fan desperate to find some good people to play with since I moved to Sheffield. I love Stooges, Hot Snakes, Drive Like Jehu etc (saw DLJ last week actually!). Can link you to my previous band's stuff, I was guitarist and lead vocals, we made a right good racket. Would love to get back into it.
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