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  1. I tried downloading Garmin Basecamp Express to my computer which downloaded when I tried to add the device GarminGP 64s via USB it switched my Garmin off. Any ideas?
  2. Thought Boro were poor not adventurous if we played like that would never watch United but what do you expect with a dinosaur manager.
  3. Very quite on here not like the old days. I suppose everyone is on Facebook these days telling everyone what they had for lunch and boring personal stuff.
  4. I agree Wadge was a bully and a pompous man. I received a good education at CTS and left in1967.
  5. Just started reading the book on Chris Wilder by Danny Hall of the Star,tremendous book and a real insight into our players and great club.
  6. As a Blade must say its the first sensible thing you have said on here I agree Canada Blade posts were mainly dire.
  7. No guarantee look at Wednesday.
  8. You cheerful lot want to get off your anti-depressants,why can't United win? I am going to the game, would love to see us beat Steve Bruce's team he is clueless.
  9. Trevor Hockey was a reasonable signing and a player easy to forget I was at Old Trafford that day John Harris was a master at finding talent Tony Currie the best player in my time at the Lane must be the best signing ever.
  10. I was not practically inclined and Ken Westnedge gave me a kick up the backside when working on a lathe, I was poor at technical drawing, foundry practice, physics and chemistry. I joined the school in 1963 and left with 5 GCE'O Levels, we were perhaps fortunate as Wadge was only there for a year and retired. I do not feel Central Technnicalt failed me in any way, it just made certain I would not be doing a job working with my hands.
  11. I thought this was about Blades signings very few references to who we have signed.
  12. United are going to stay in the league this next year,the only way they will not remain in the league is if they get promoted.
  13. I think I saw his first game against Spurs late 60's,,Tony Currie by a country mile agreed .
  14. The Blades are on a roll we must be looking for mid table minimum.
  15. Do you have a mind of your own? We will probably make some more signings some managers did not buy Dele Ali what league was he in?
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