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  1. I think that it would be reasonable to say that there's been a lack of investment the last few (several!) years.
  2. I went in Sunday afternoon. Got to say i was really impressed. So long as people understand and appreciate that it is a micropub, i think that it will do well and be a good addition to the quality pubs of Chapeltown e.g. The Commercial.
  3. The new couple are hoping to turn it into more of a food related establishment, as i understand. It will be reopened and there is a fair bit of work currently going on.
  4. Extra date added sunday 21st october at thorpe hesley and high green c.c please note this will be 7.30am start rather than the usual 6.30am
  5. CAR BOOT SALE DATES 2018 @ Thorpe Hesley and High Green CC - Sundays - 22/4, 13/5, 10/6, 24/6*, 8/7, 29/7, 26/8, 23/9 Gates open at 6.30am. No booking needed. More info to follow.
  6. There will be 8 again at Thorpe Hesley and High Green Cricket Ground. First one is April 22nd.
  7. Thorpe Hesley and High Green CC are currently holding their Winter training on Sundays, at Sheffield Indoor Cricket Centre, Petre Street S4 8LU. Juniors (aged 7-11) from 12pm to 1pm. The club would welcome any new members wanting to join and play cricket in a friendly and enjoyable atmosphere. Coaching is provided from several ECB Level 1 and 2 coaches from within the club. For more enquiries or to ask how you can get involved and help a local Cricket Club, please contact 07773075280 or email thorpehesley@syscl.co.uk Kind Regards Andy Fisher Club Secretary TH+HG CC
  8. We are definitely on this Sunday at Thorpe Hesley and High Green CC. As ever, any queries - 07773 075280. Cheers Club Secretary
  9. Hi, I'm the club secretary at Thorpe Hesley and High Green CC, If anyone approaches me about a lost camera, I will DM you if that is ok?
  10. Glad you enjoyed it. Our remaining dates are - 23rd April, 7th May, 11th June, 9th July, 30th July, 27th August, 10th September and 24th September Mods - please can you add to the front page
  11. First one at Thorpe Hesley and High Green Cricket Club - 23rd April. Will update with the other 7 dates shortly.
  12. Pleased to confirm that we have a license for one more at the cricket ground. Sunday 16th October. Cheers Secretary Thorpe Hesley and High Green CC
  13. Thorpe Hesley and High Green CC this Sunday. 6.30am £5 per car.
  14. Ours was probably the busiest we've been yesterday at the Cricket Ground
  15. Cheers, we are re-arranging the cancelled one, I will advise on here of the date as soon as possible
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