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  1. Thankyou v much for the scan, hillsbro. It is fantastic. My grandmother, uncle, and neighbours - the Leemans are mentioned and The Illingsworths - Horace married to Bertha I wonder what happened to Barbara their daughter who I used to play with. There was a gang of kids, one of whom was JC. I went to Lydgate Lane school. ---------- Post added 07-07-2015 at 10:06 ---------- hi hillsbro, or should I say Sherlock! I can't send a private mail as I haven't put on enough posts yet. THANKYOU. I have spoken to Barbara.We are so grateful for the info.
  2. Hi do you remember the Illingworths?B had polio. I remember playing with JC and the Ryan twins who had hit records and lived close to Tasker road. the Shepherds were Kate and Herbert and their sons Harry and Fred.thr richrdsons were Frank and Bessie
  3. I used to live on Tasker Road in the 50s. Does anyone remember Barbara Illingwoth; the Richardsons; The Shepherds.
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