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    ****THESE ARE NOW GONE****THESE ARE NOW GONE**** FREE FOR COLLECTION IN S10: Four Euro cylinder locks, have been changed when I had work done in my house. Working perfectly well, dimensions as indicated in the image. Please mail me for collection, perfect for a quick swap of your locks MV


  2. There is one in Crookes, on the adjacent corner of Casanova Restaurant and the Coop
  3. Hello had to change from my usual barber , taken over by younger proprietors who cannot cut properly. Few weeks ago i tried the new barber shop just opened in Crosspool - called Expert Barbers, and it has opened n the premises of the Greengrocer, near the Pharmacy. I did like the cut, they offer the whole range, including beard trim etc Price is very good, think was 8.5 pounds without shampoo. BWs MV
  4. Have had fish and chips at the University Arms a few times - and agree is excellent, as is the Carvery section on Saturdays. Regarding the students, it is University Arms after all, and the University of Sheffield brings around 30,000 students in Sheffield (and as much Sheffield Hallam) - which creates many jobs and need for accommodation, food, pubs etc . So, we should all be pleased of their presence in town.
  5. Considering the commute to Leeds as a priority, it depends if it will be by train or car, and what time in the day. If you live near the tramline , then from Sheffield Station to Leeds there are plenty trains. An alternative is to take the Dore-Sheffield connection, and then to Leeds. If it is by car, a house in any area in proximity of the peak district (including S10, S11) will make it difficult to reach Leeds in less than an hour. Even cutting through the Rivelin Valley, the M1 will not be so close. Good luck MV
  6. In my opinion the range of Sourdough at Forge bakehouse (in Abbeydale rd) is the best in town. Gerry also OK, very nice breads but smaller range of breads. Beanie's supplier is Gerry.
  7. Sorry guys, but if somebody serves me a platter of fish at 4 degrees centigrade with the center below zero- no matter what the quality is, it results unedible.
  8. Must say that my four colleagues mostly had some good food at The Mediterranean (the seabass and the scallops looked good), it was my lobster platter that was bad. And must say that they took it off the bill, fair enough - plus we were the first group in the restaurant at lunch service.
  9. My feeling is that at Na Pedra there were good things (like the octopus) and much lesser ones. Never like where there is such a disparity of quality across dishes. I am glad that you chose a series of good ones - may be better luck for me another time.
  10. These days have been for lunchtime meals at Na Pedra (Abbeydale Rd) and The Mediterranean (Sharrow Vale Rd). Personally, would not go back to neither. Na pedra is a Portuguese themed restaurant, keenly priced. We had some good octopus, some mediocre fried squid (batter was not sticking to the squid), mediocre rissols (tasted like industrially made/cooked from frozen). Nice bread (was from the Forge Bakehouse, on the opposite corner of the street), great to dip into the fish sauces in the dishes. I do not even remeber which desserts we had. Best part was an intelligent young lady waiter from Lithuania who made conversation with us and was pleasant and very good. At the Mediterranean my friends had some nice seabass, chicken, fried brie, and I had some fried whitebait which was tasty - but fish was large-ish and not real small whitebait. Then I was seved an inedible lobster platter (lobster was still half frozen, mussels fidge temperature, crab from a tin) , my friends had squid, chicken and lamb - and all enjoyed it. To be fair, they did not charge me for my main course. Nice Prosecco, but desserts were anonymous, nothng to describe much (limoncello ice cream, lemon tart, chocolate sponge). It is a fact that it is relly quite dificult to have nice Christmas lunch with collegues, always end paying well but eating poorly.
  11. The Risotto alla Milanese has a good aroma and coulour of saffron: https://www.finecooking.com/recipe/risotto-alla-milanese-risotto-with-parmesan-saffron
  12. Hello last couple of weeks have started hunting for the most pleasant bread (specifically sourdough) in Sheffield. Between all supermarkets, for my palate the best sourdough was either the Tesco or the M&S San Francisco sourdough. Better than Waitrose, Sainsbury's, Morrisons. First tried the Seven Hills Bakery, in Sharrow Vale. Good sourdough, although not so strong - only one or two variants. Theu have a quite nice vegetable section, and they have table for a sadswich or pie snack at lunchtime. Secondly, this morning went to the Forge Bakehouse in Abbeydale Road, and must say that I found it of a high standard. Four or five types of sourdough (plus many other wholemeal breads), several smaller sizes (just had some with fresh tomatoes and EVO). Plus a very decent patisserie selection, from krapfen to pies , turnovers etc. All fresh. And they have tables for lunchtime snacks etc. Now looking for others to try, so far my option n.1 is the Forge BH. Best wishes MV
  13. DerbyTup, were you around Sheffield in the early 90's? In West street Le Neptune opened, an it was a fantastic fish restaurant. It was the first Richard Smith retaurant in Sheffield. I went there twice (paying myself only the second time) and we had great meals. then it suddendly close, within 12 months of its start. Richard Smith then came to Crosspool, where he opened Artisan - and told me he had to shift down a gear because Sheffield could not take a top restaurant. And then it changed Artisan to a more bistrot level (do not remeber the new name, I think Catch - but later sold to Aligargh), and ended up opening Thyme in Glossop Rd, which still exist and is average. Same story for the Fish Restaurant in front of the Hallamsire (Loch Fyne, now closed for a few years), which struggled to fill the rooms although when we went it was very nice indeed. So, it is not easy to keep a top-level restaurant in Sheffield, both for the high costs of supplies, sometime because of bad marketing, sometime because the chef is not good enough to cook gorgeous food keeping the price down. That is a skill that not many have.
  14. Well, when we went all food was superior quality, drinks with great choice, and a series of foreign-trained waitresses and maitre (two were Italian, one Austrian). Adding this to attractive modern stylish decor and the expensive premises, the running costs must have been very high. And in such financial climate am not sure how many of these restaurants Sheffield can support.
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