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  1. Tried to understand more from their Facebook entries, but they seem now to cook in several different places, like a freelance Thai. Perhaps my fault, never really understood how to use Facebook.
  2. MaxVinella

    ALIGARGH in Crosspool

    Mmmm .. there was another one, called Ruchi , on the corner with Barber Road - but it has closed. That's why I assumed was Rajput.
  3. Hi I remember we had some memorable Thai food at the Travellers, in Holmesfield. Tried to book, but it's closed! It must have reopened somewhere else, does anybody know where? BWs MV
  4. MaxVinella

    ALIGARGH in Crosspool

    Have read that owners now have Rajput in Commonside. Reviews I have seen for Rajput agree on good food, but bad service. Hopefully new place with same cooks but different service staff.
  5. MaxVinella

    Best curry house in Sheffield?

    Yesterday we went to Maveli in Glossop Rd, and we had some great curry. Vegetarian starters ( apparently a speciality of South-Indian cuisine) - chick peas spicy salad and cauliflower croquettes- and prawn biryani/ bassa soup. All with nans, pilau rice, beer and mango lassi. And .... did not feel sick afterwards , in fact one of te best indian meals have had in Sheffield. That corner of Glossop Road, with Maveli and HuiWei in the same building, must have something special. MV
  6. MaxVinella

    Napoli Centro Pizzeria, Glossop Rd

    No, I am Italian but have lived in Sheffield since 1984. I work in science and medicine, but always loved to eat and cook good food. Favourites of course italian but also chinese and japanese.
  7. MaxVinella

    Napoli Centro Pizzeria, Glossop Rd

    You just have to try, that's the best thing to do. I am sure that Proove use Caputo, Porter too but do not know if red or blue (yet). Of course Naples has great pizzerie, some of them remarkable in tradition as well innovation - the Gotha of pizza works there. But I also found interesting the Roman pizza in its two version, "teglia" and "piana". The first one is cooked in a flat pan, it is about one inch tall and much aereated - because of the high-hydration long-prooving dough. The piana is flatter than the neapolitan, and does not the "cornicione", i.e. the raised borders. The king of roman "teglia" pizza is called Gabriele Bonci (look him up) https://imgur.com/sjq19aV
  8. B&Q in Queens Road. If itis in the inside assortment, they will cut it FOC. If it is in the builders' yard, they will only cut to ease the transport.
  9. MaxVinella

    Napoli Centro Pizzeria, Glossop Rd

    Sorry, obviously a misunderstanding. My "no interest in the shop " was meant to clarify that I do not work there, I do not own it, I am not a relative of the owner, have no financial interest in its success. It did not want to mean that I have no interest on how to cook a pizza, and with which ingredients - which is in fact not the case. I take interest in food, and how it is prepared apart from the final result. In those restaurants where I get to talk to the owner or cook, usually end up visiting the kitchen. My curiosity and perhaps weakness. Plus, in many pizza places they cook right there in front of you. MV
  10. MaxVinella

    Napoli Centro Pizzeria, Glossop Rd

    Yes I do because I am perhaps too fussy about my food. It is my weakness, and having quite an interest in cooking, if I go to a pizza place and do not see good quality ingredients, I know it won't be good. While waiting for my pizza, asked the same questions also to Porter pizza, and to the pizzaiolo in Proove. Both of them use Caputo, one uses Mutti tomatoes, the other I think Petti peeled tomatoes. The important thing is that they are done with the San Marzano variety, and not with chopped (because they would contain additives). Plus, I enjoy some baking myself and buy the Caputo flour from an online shop. So, am sorry if my report seemed dodgy to you - but honestly have nothng to do with pizza shops - except that like pizza and italian food a lot. BWs MV
  11. Hi guys, just wanted to report a new pizza place, which opened a few months ago in Glossop Rd, in front of the Drama Studio. It's called Napoli Centro. They make only few types of pizza, all very fragrant and nicely topped. They use Caputo blue flour, San marzano tomatoes and fresh ingredients. They also make some mean arancini and crocchette, which are often however unavailabe because they are extremely popular. The owner has a neapolitan dad and a mother from Rotherham, speaks fluent italian and has worked a dozen years inthe London pizza places. It is good to have another good place for pizza, unpretentious, cheap, open also at lunchtime. BWs MV PS: have no interest whatsoever in the shop, just like to eat there with the occasional take away.
  12. MaxVinella

    Free: ikea bathroom accessories

    Yes. PM me to collect
  13. MaxVinella

    Free: ikea bathroom accessories

    Free to collect in S10: IKEA toilet accessories, excellent conditions but no longer needed. One double towel rail (45 to 50 cm lenght) , a triangle towel holder, a toilet roll holder. Please contact me and collect them this weekend, or will have to throw them away. BWs MV (image below) https://imgur.com/42nSvS9
  14. MaxVinella

    Self Employed Domestic Cleaner

    I think useful information is a- do you drive? What is your area of service? b- do you have reliable references that can be checked? c- do you require equioment or happy with what is in the house? d- rates : how much/hour. Is that net of contributions. e- can ou do some ironing in the house. f- for some customers: are you male or female, age. BWs MV
  15. Hello anybody could recommend a good person to come and inspect/service my NEFF integrated dishwasher? Please reply in PM Thansk MV ---------- Post added 05-10-2018 at 10:22 ---------- Have used JBdoors twice now, always good service and prices in line with other quotes. Excellent doors MV

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