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  1. DerbyTup, were you around Sheffield in the early 90's? In West street Le Neptune opened, an it was a fantastic fish restaurant. It was the first Richard Smith retaurant in Sheffield. I went there twice (paying myself only the second time) and we had great meals. then it suddendly close, within 12 months of its start. Richard Smith then came to Crosspool, where he opened Artisan - and told me he had to shift down a gear because Sheffield could not take a top restaurant. And then it changed Artisan to a more bistrot level (do not remeber the new name, I think Catch - but later sold to Aligargh), and ended up opening Thyme in Glossop Rd, which still exist and is average. Same story for the Fish Restaurant in front of the Hallamsire (Loch Fyne, now closed for a few years), which struggled to fill the rooms although when we went it was very nice indeed. So, it is not easy to keep a top-level restaurant in Sheffield, both for the high costs of supplies, sometime because of bad marketing, sometime because the chef is not good enough to cook gorgeous food keeping the price down. That is a skill that not many have.
  2. Well, when we went all food was superior quality, drinks with great choice, and a series of foreign-trained waitresses and maitre (two were Italian, one Austrian). Adding this to attractive modern stylish decor and the expensive premises, the running costs must have been very high. And in such financial climate am not sure how many of these restaurants Sheffield can support.
  3. Here it is, taken verbatim from the public PDF. MV --------------------------------------------------------------------------- From: Martin Crosthwaite Sent: 06 August 2019 12:23 To: Steve Burlaga Cc: Mark Platts Subject: The Plough Steve I understand the planning case officer is asking for further clarification regarding our marketing of the Plough, and in particular the rent we are quoting. As you are aware, we have been inviting rental offers in the region of £50,000 per annum, however this figure has never been set in stone and we have always been prepared to be flexible and talk to any interested parties. Furthermore, we have not been asking for any ingoing premium which is unusual in the pub market. It is important to realise that the Plough is not tied to any particular brewery/PubCo and although some local pubs have been offered a lower rents, these have been instances where premiums have been requested and the tenancy agreements are tied to a particular pub company/brewery, which does affect the profitability for the operator. The Plough is a relatively large property with a ground floor area in excess of 2,000 ft.2 along with a flat above comprising three bedrooms, living room, kitchen and bathroom. I believe there is also a function room at first floor, however this is sealed off due to safety reasons and I have therefore not been able to gain access. There is also a substantial car park. By way of comparison, I understand that the Three Merry Lads on Redmires Road was recently marketed at a rent of £74,000 per annum with an ingoing premium required in excess of £60,000. The Ranmoor Inn on Fulwood Road was similarly advertised at a rent of £30,000 per annum (reduced, I believe from £36,000 pa) with an ingoing cost of £14,500. Both of these pubs are tied houses and where the rents are generally below the level one would normally expect to pay for a free house. Furthermore, unlike the Plough, neither of the above two pubs can be said to occupy exclusive positions, the Sportsman pub being located extremely close to the Three Merry Lads and the Bulls Head is within 200 yards of the Ran moor Inn. In August last year, we did accept a rental offer from a new start-up business - we agreed a rent of £45,000 per annum for the first three years, rising to £50,000 per annum thereafter. After lengthy negotiations, however, not to mention numerous surveys, these people withdrew their interest and no one has made a firm offer since. The main drawback in our marketing is that whe·n we commenced marketing, the building was very tired and the upper floor flat had been stripped out. Since then, there have been at least four break-ins where substantial damage has been caused and we are now in the position that any ingoing tenant would need to completely re-fit the interior of the premises, both upstairs and down, not to mention spend a considerable sum on the structure. Whilst we have always been prepared to agree to a rent free period, indeed we did agree one with the previously interested party, the level of work now required in my view makes it completely un-economic to restore and reopen the pub and living accommodation. I trust that the above comments are helpful but please let me know if you need anything else. Regards Martin Crosthwaite Crosthwaite Commercial Hawk Works, 105A Mary Street, Sheffield S1 4RT
  4. The menu looks very good, shame is too far out.
  5. Absolutely right, I did the conversion two years ago and needed change of use permission. You can do it yourself and will take 60 pounds and tree weekds for the decision or get a technical help and pay about 150 plus 60 and three weeks.
  6. Well, tonight we went to the Varasani in Crosspool, and have mixed feelings. We had king prawn Malabar (tangy and not to hot, great flavour), chicken Nawabi (a tikka sauce with extra herbs - nothing to rave about), and a Garlic Tikka (nice and sizzling but the chicken was very dry). The service was very attentive but slow, the place was half full (not bad for a Thursday). The decor was probably left by the previous owners, low lights with unnatural hues - not pleasant imho. The menu is a list, not particularly explicit- which with waiters who do not know the dishes is not helpful. I asked were was the cuisine from, they could not reply except that it was from India. I would probably not go back , both Maveli and a Urban Choola offer better food for my taste. It will be interesting to have other opinions, may be was just me and a bad evening
  7. I do not know specifically, but was told by one of our students that they routinely got pizza delivered for dinner in the Chesterman building
  8. This morning had colorfoul baloons all round the entrance, obviously the opening party has occurred!
  9. Hello have some garden steps made of paving slabs in my back garden. Would like one to be repositioned level, and three more to be laid on a flat side. There is some shifting involved, stones to be removed - do not know if better a gardener or a landscaper or a builder Please advise, thanks MV
  10. Glad you like it - personally I only ever get Margherita, so I do not miss much other toppings. In a good place I would also try "Calzone" usually with ham and mozzarella, and if porcini are used, ham and mushrooms. Quattro stagioni is too easy to get wrong (it depends on the quality of toppings used, and are many) . Tonight wanted to try that place in Walkley, for takeaway. MV PS: A friend reminded me that the "Antica Pizzeria da Michele" perhaps the most famous of all Naple's Pizzerias, only serves two types of pizza: Margherita e Marinara (which is Margherita without mozzarella, therefore vegetarian)
  11. Yes, except that once opened you must use them fast - and they are one Kg! It is important that you take the "trifolati" and not other qualities, porcini and not other types. They are usually available from Amazon.it with low shipping charge or from Nifeislife. If you have an account with one of the big distributors to trade, you will also find them there. Usually 8-10 pounds per tin.
  12. Well, Porter pizza is started as a takeaway place, with only some sitting in the shop. Perhaps it is more targeted to the takeaway market and with smaller premises that's why probably Proove is dearer. The toppings honestly I do not know because I only order Margherita pizza - not the fancy ones. Can tell you however how the best Porcini mushrooms pizzas are made in most of Italy, and it is not from fresh Porcini. They come from a can of "Porcini Trifolati" of 1Kg, best brands are Demetra , Robo or Logro'. When you need them , you drain them and put them in a pan where you have melted in two spoons of water a Porcini Mushroom stock cube. Toss them together and use them on Pizza . Perfect.
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