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  1. MaxVinella

    Free: ikea bathroom accessories

    Yes. PM me to collect
  2. MaxVinella

    Free: ikea bathroom accessories

    Free to collect in S10: IKEA toilet accessories, excellent conditions but no longer needed. One double towel rail (45 to 50 cm lenght) , a triangle towel holder, a toilet roll holder. Please contact me and collect them this weekend, or will have to throw them away. BWs MV (image below) https://imgur.com/42nSvS9
  3. MaxVinella

    Self Employed Domestic Cleaner

    I think useful information is a- do you drive? What is your area of service? b- do you have reliable references that can be checked? c- do you require equioment or happy with what is in the house? d- rates : how much/hour. Is that net of contributions. e- can ou do some ironing in the house. f- for some customers: are you male or female, age. BWs MV
  4. Hello anybody could recommend a good person to come and inspect/service my NEFF integrated dishwasher? Please reply in PM Thansk MV ---------- Post added 05-10-2018 at 10:22 ---------- Have used JBdoors twice now, always good service and prices in line with other quotes. Excellent doors MV
  5. MaxVinella

    The 8oz Burger Co on Leopold Street closed

    Nonna’s opened in 1995-96 in the same premises the have now, but was only 2 shop windows.
  6. MaxVinella

    The 8oz Burger Co on Leopold Street closed

    Came to Sheffield in 1990, and the second night we went to Candytown. Nonna's did not exist (opened around 1995-1996). There was a gorgeous restaurant in West Street, called Neptune's - run by Richard Smith. Closed within a year, and he went downmarket with Artisan in Crosspool and then Thyme (only one to survive). Bws MV
  7. I have recently enjoyed "Oisoi" in the center of town near the Cheese Grater building, and also Hui-Wei in Glossop Road, corner Victoria Street. OIsoi is more upmarket.
  8. MaxVinella

    Proove Pizza - Broomhil

    Yes, tried several times. Their pizza is very good, with two small criticisms: a- Their spelling on the board has mistakes. b- Unlike Proove, after 10 minutes the dough is not as fragrant as proove's. So, if I want to get a few and bring home, by the time thy get they are a bit too rubbery under the teeth. But to eat on the spot, there and then, is quite good. Not as good as Proove in my opinion PS: I have no interest whatsoever with one or the other, I am just a user
  9. MaxVinella

    Proove Pizza - Broomhil

    Hello I am italian and have had an extensive experience of great, good and bad pizzas. In the UK since 1984, have had quite a few in the UK. Before Proove, best pizza was a place in Rotherham which closed in 1996. Proove is excellent and we go there frequently. While I have no problem with the pizzas, must warn to be careful to all sort of starters, desserts, extras etc which they try to sell, and rarely are of the quality of the pizzas themselves. Other than that, i would not go anywherelse in Sheffield for pizza (except at a couple of friends' home, who are great bakers MV
  10. Thanks Dan The work it is however sorted now (hopefully) Bws MV
  11. Hello I would need an electrician to pass a few cables in a bedroom. Carpets can be easily cut, would need three extra sockets to be installed in addition to the existing ones. Anybody can advice a reliable , good electrician? BWs MV
  12. Yes, just had a back garden gate installed by them, excellent work , good quality materials, and good price. Sarah is very attentive and trustworthy, will use again.
  13. MaxVinella

    Composite doors - all the same ?

    https://www.sheffieldforum.co.uk/showthread.php?t=1216636 Can be painted, with a good external primer and an external gloss paint. Finish will ne proportional to your skill MV
  14. Had same problem with a lintel on my back garage door. Builder fixed it by inserting an L shaped steel reinforcement, which would sit on the bricks where the lintel did. Something like in the picture: http://www.iqbuildersmerchant.com/ekmps/shops/01cfc4/images/birtley-mbl-light-duty-external-wall-lintel-93010-p.jpg Did not take the lintel out, just filled with resin and inserted the steel to embrace the back and below, and grinding about 2mm between concrete lintel and bricks, enough to push in the steel MV
  15. I can really recommend Magna Pave , had my drive done last summer, very hapy of the work MV

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