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  1. I'll second that, also all the other supporting services
  2. Hi As title, Does anyone know a good local accountant and the rates they charge, to do my books. Thanks
  3. + Bla blah blah, Just get back in your little sad hole and shut up, I wish I could be a qualified cyclist then I would be perfect And if drivers are complaining about bad cyclists then in my view they are 100 percent right....right P.S if you want to challenge ability , I have also passed my motor bike test and still had to go through thorough tests. Did you as a cyclist ?? And how do you have better knowledge of the highway code than me as a cyclist, please explain I am interested seriously??[. COLOR=Silver] ---------- Post added 11-02-2017 at 21:08 ---------- [/color] On this site they do and especially you
  4. I would just blame bad drivers like every cyclist do. But then again drivers have to pass a test x2
  5. Then they should advise this when the order is taken and tell the customer that they would have to meet them. Don't ya think:|
  6. Errr!! You get money vouchers for loyalty at tesco
  7. The answer for you is below your post by Barmyowls. I have also heard not so good things about this company
  8. Im defo buying it. What an incredible man, keep going John i put money in tour bucket every time i pass you,
  9. I wouldn't watch it if it was free. support proper live music
  10. Pleased for ya solitaire, woman out of my own heart, fight for what you think is right, instead of taking crap ---------- Post added 25-09-2016 at 17:05 ---------- Yen mate ( ooops sorry you don't have any ) and the SCC
  11. We had to move our cars off our street on a dedicated date, then they changed the dates,so we moved for the second time, and they never even did the work. Sheffield Council jobsworths are total turnip heads ---------- Post added 25-09-2016 at 16:04 ---------- Are you reading all the posts, or just reading the ones you want??
  12. Kirstie is a singer//songwriter from Walkley , Sheffield, South Yorkshire. Kirstie's Debut single (shadows) was played on BBC Radio Introducing. Kirstie tends to use an acoustic approach, creating fuller effects with vocals and guitar. Sounds and vocal techniques are reminiscent of such as Shaka Khan, Ed Sheeran, James Bay, Amy Winehouse Cindy Lauper and others of this caliber using her own techniques. With just one guitar and one voice Kirstie keeps her music dynamically ranged and intends bringing her soothing vocals whatever the crowd. Kirstie is looking forward to seeing you @ the springvale, Friday 9th September, 9.00pm Free Entry. learn more about Kirstie at http://www.kirstieturner.co.uk ---------- Post added 09-09-2016 at 11:43 ---------- Start 9pm to 9.30
  13. This ^^ Its all fixed for television viewing, and not how good a singer is. The voice will be the same now ITV have got it. barbaric really
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