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  1. Gray Lake? Never heard of him or her? Oh dear.. must have been a rush to get it posted. Do you have an app that alerts you to celebrity deaths so you can start threads on SF?
  2. Remember the Cohen Ovett rivalry fondly One of our own. thank you for 2012 lord/Leonard/seb
  3. Typo wood lathe But very amusing re the woof and bark
  4. How can we help you exactly. If you specify then there are many on sf including me to advise. The above posters seem to think you are selling workspace. If this is correct please get in touch also as I have a woof lathe to house at a museum opening in the next 12 months.
  5. Do you know if there would be any possibility to promote or network with those who may be interested in an exciting museum venture? Do any local food producers or golf club representatives attend? Sorry to bother you, I just want to get a feel for the event before calling. Regards
  6. Agree wholeheartedly....I think idea of locating in Thorpe hesley is great for many reasons..... rail stations... motorway...3 local education authorities on border... near golf course and bowling alley in kimberworth ...near elsecar heritage centre...near farms see below There has also been some thought given to 1/2 day trips to potato farms in locality and more emphasis on mashers in the museum with children I do not know if there are egg producers we could work with and then whisk the children back to whisk world in the afternoon Hopefully giving children knowledge of where their food comes from and the possibilities of being creative with hand tools in the kitchen as our ancestors were inspire and tie in with a healthy eating agenda too Thank you for your encouragement....it should silence some of those that are sniggering
  7. Great meeting tonight with 7 attendees. 1 from the forum has supported through advice and promotional materials. One very interesting idea that has been developed is to try and link up with local golf clubs in the area to develop nearest the pin events and develop a link up. An event with a wooden spoon for last place and an engraved pin as a prize. The view to co promote two pin based businesses. Museum visitors can get golf discounts. Golfers can be signposted to the museum and get possible discounts. Potentially a school trip trip....twin pins ....1/2 day golf taster 1/2 day museum. Adding 2 dynamic activities to the school curriculum. Pardon the pun.....but we are on a roll!
  8. I'm opening a museum ....always keen to speak to interested investors. See my thread about it and get in touch if it interests you.
  9. Well with Thorpe Hesley ...m1 j35 35a and 36 are good So perhaps brown signs at different junctions from different directions e.g j36 from North, 35 and 36 from South I have thought a lot before deciding on Thorpe hesley Do you have anything else to offer?
  10. It is my belief that baking is hugely interesting to children look at GBBO success on TV. Children don't get to bake in schools as much nowadays. It is my beilef children will be mesmerise by the phenominal range if effects that can be achieved through kitchen hand utensils. Also why does it have to be wildlife park or my museum. Why not both at different points in the year. I don't imagine the wildlife park does well on rainy days like today ---------- Post added 16-10-2016 at 11:29 ---------- Rolling pins do take up some room I agree particular as I want people to be able to view the full intricate circumference of a pinnie. I have a number of wooden, plastic, metal and composite material pins. Would you like a breakdown by category or just total? ---------- Post added 16-10-2016 at 11:30 ---------- do you have any constructive points on footfall and advertising as I requested?
  11. So you want to purchase btl properties in a city you don't know. Charge extortionate rents from Sheffield residents, and take money out if the Sheffield economy to wherever you are down south I expect.....and you want Sheffield residents to help you....get lost I say I am investing massively in building a landmark kitchen utensil museum to help boost the area.....your type can stay down south.
  12. Thank you for the reply I will respond to your points 1 and 2 disagree re the numbers and location. I intend to link up with schools from local authorities in sheffield rotherham and barnsley. Thorpe Hesley borders the three authorities so ....perfect. In addition close to motorway so I can put some of those brown signs up. Close to Elsecar heritage centre for passing trade as well as grange golf course on Wortley rd so I imagine a fair few golfers will pop in. 3 yes spent 2 weeks in Devon and Cornwall including a lot of time at barometer world. This is mentioned in previous posts if thread has been read. 4 government funding would be great but it is increasingly competitive and hard to get. I see this as a project to build. If I build they will come and in turn success will attract opportunities to demonstrate value in funding applications. 5 proper business plan in place. I have alluded to the numbers so many seemed blinkered to through prejudice. It is my money to lose or invest. It is. My passion and I will be rolling out my plans next year! Pardon the pun
  13. Thurnscoe has a train Station so you could try and link up with northern rail to to do a train ticket plus entry deal. Similar to some of the London attractions. That what I intend to set up at my site in Thorpe hesley....train stations of chapeltown elsecar on doorstep!
  14. No just one With 4 key areas Rolling pins, whisks, potato mashers and other utensils I am not opening the princess Diana one now.....you can stay up to date as I intend to keep those interested informed on my opening a museum thread
  15. The op was ahead of time http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-3758318 I long for old British pastries and mashed spuds and omelette s...days when Britain's kitchen were busy with hand tools I am looking forward to opening my utensil museum in Thorpe Hensley next year
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