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  1. Yep, this is what I have heard too, but at the same time others are saying it's an easy install and there are independent kitchen fitters offering their services to install Ikea kitchens - Very mixed reviews out there regarding the fitting, hence my question around Ikea specific installations done by their own contractors (assuming they hopefully know what they're doing and are willing to deal with the assembly and hacking the base cabinet backs) 🤷‍♀️
  2. Hey all, Has anyone here used Sheffield Ikea's kitchen design AND installation services? What has your experience been with them? What were the costs like? What were the lead times like? Were you happy with the end result? Thanks!
  3. Just bumping this one up a bit in case anyone has some news? Nothing was said in The Star, so I'm hoping that means he is alive and well.
  4. When we drove past it struck me that no one was actually knelt beside him at that point in time, which kind of worried me?
  5. This afternoon at about 17:00 there was an accident on Barnsley road just at the junction with Burngreave Road. It appeared to have been a young boy that was hit by a bus. Does anyone know what happened to him? I was on a bus going past the scene and as you can imagine, it's highly upsetting. At the time he was not moving, so it's unclear what his condition was. Any news would be greatly appreciated -preferably good news!
  6. Hi there, Has anyone here bought or attempted to buy a car from Century Motors next to the Netto on Catch Bar lane? We are very interested in a car there at the moment and after convincing ourselves that everything about the car looks perfect, we asked about a test drive, only to be told that for a test drive we need to put a deposit of 10% of the car's price down. We've also been told that to test drive the car, they need to shuffle the cars in the parking area around for us to get out, so if we're not *really* interested, we shouldn't bother. It felt like we were deterred from taking the test drive. We were basically 99% sure we wanted the car, but after this incident, we will probably take our business elsewhere where it's wanted. We also enquired about a comment left in the service history book about the tyres that will need changing sometime soon, only to be told in a annoyed manner that there is nothing wrong with the tyres. I am really angry about this incident and pretty miffed, cause I wanted that car.
  7. Does anyone seen/know of a lost black dog roaming Hillsborough's streets on Saturday afternoon. I saw him first on the tram tracks in front of Beres pork shop. He was absolutely drenched as it was pouring at the time. What worried me was that he was limping (might have been hit by a car already) and obviously very lost. He had a collar on, but I could not get close enough to see if it had a tag. The collar had quite a big ring on it. If anyone knows anything about this dog, whether it was found, it would certainly put my mind at ease. Thanks.
  8. We are 8 people that need to get into town on Saterday morning, it's for a wedding, so rather important that we are on time. Does anyone know of a mini bus service that is definitely reliable in Sheffield, and that we can book in advance? Thanks!
  9. Tattybear - I thought that might be the case, thank you very much though Mattski - Thank you for that information. Don't think I'll be going to Liverpool for that though, I might try to just take my chances then and send them what I have. Thank you though. Bonny - Yep, basically they just want to know whether I can re-marry or not, and I suppose the certificate I have should do the trick. However, I was advised by someone else to make sure, because sometimes they want a certificate that was sealed by the courts in South Africa (a fancy thing that's sealed in an envelope). The certificate I have was sufficient enough when I applied for my visa back in South Africa at the British High Commission, and since they are very strict with issuing visas, I can't see why it should be a problem now. Thanks for your advice
  10. Katkin, I'm not sure, but thanks! Bonny...long story, I'm South African and are engaged to a British citizen. I need to get a certificate of approval to get married from the home office, and they want to see my divorce certificate (I was married before back home) with a certified translated copy if it's not in English. Basically, I would have liked to see someone face to face and show them my documents so that I can be sure it is what they want, and that I don't have to fly back home to get a different type of document. I just want to save time and hassles.
  11. Thank you very much, appreciated. I have checked the website, but there's no info on local offices on there.
  12. Can anyone maybe point me in the direction of a Home Office branch in Sheffield, if there are any? Thanks!
  13. I think the answer is a definite no, unfortunately. There's only a handful of South Africans here in Sheffield that I know of anyway. I found a shop in Castle market that sells 'mieliepap' and Milo at least, and I think there's a shop near Northern General that sells a variety of African food, they have a South African flag printed on the shop front. (have not been inside though) However, these shops tend to generally sell the African side of food and not European South African, but that might be what you're looking for though
  14. I'm from Pretoria, how about you? Been in Sheff for a year now. And, Boertjie or Soutie?
  15. South African here too! How many of us are there is Sheff?
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