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  1. Some of these posts are ridiculous. The area has some issues and I think the pool hall and 1 or 2 other businesses do need cleaning up or closing down but to describe the area as no go? There are numerous high quality apartments blocks and the area boarders Kelham island (reportedly the most upcoming area in the north of england)and the Victoria quays hotel district. The area around the market and old town hall desperately needs investment but it has the potential to be a great area close to the city centre it can't just be left to decline.
  2. Its indoors but not sure what it will be like its like most coach placese so it will warm(ish) and dry but not much else.
  3. Didn't mangage to get in there on Saturday or since as I've had flu but I will check it out for a pint this week. Photos look good and it's in a great spot for the O2, the thtres, bus station etc so I wish them the very best that part of town could certaily do with a nice pub/bar.
  4. Nice enough bar but it was run terribly its a pity though hopefully some one will take the space over and do it properly. I agree with the comment about creditors they did the same thing at wig and pen when they opened platillos and left a stack of debts there too. Just for clarity I mean when some of the owners of platilos were involved in wig and pen not the milestone lads who run it now.
  5. Having moved to sheffield and worked extensively throughout West Yorkshire I can honestly say I love Sheffield and wouldn't consider Leeds as a place to live however I do worry that Leeds attracts more business. Aside from the finanacial and legal business the new areana and and even the O2 seem to draw much bigger acts then there equivilents in Shefield.
  6. There are loads of great curry houses in sheffield I have to say I would put Akbars in the "OK" category Butlers, Gulshan, Ashoka and Mangla (though it has plenty of off days) are all much better. Shapla has great service but I think the food is really bland I can't understand people's praise of the place. But each to there own I suppose:)
  7. I've had Pizza and Pasta now and I think it's a great place I hope they can extend their licence so they can open in the evening. Hopefully they will make a go of it and this area might finally start to pick up a bit.
  8. It's really good I had a pizza there yesterday :-) http://romabarsheffield.co.uk/
  9. I really liked but apart from the odd Sunday lunch or if there was an office "do" in it was never that busy. It's a real shame as it was a great setting and I thought the food was great. 1 less decent city centre place to eat.
  10. To be honest it just happened to be stagecoach buses this time I don’t find first or any other company that operate in Sheffield any better. I know I am generalising but I do find the driving here by bus drives worse than other cities. It's just my opinion/experience I have no axe to grind or agenda I just wish they'd drive a bit more considerately as I do all road users to be fair.
  11. Are people honestly saying it is in the interests of passenger or public safety for buses to run red lights:loopy: I'm sure there are good and bad but I have noticed that a high proportion of bus drivers here do seem to drive poorly in a less than safe more or at least in a way that is not considerate to other road users/pedestrians. I'm also well aware that their are many bad car drivers too but surely the point is that bus driver's are profeesionals whoose primary concern should be for passenger and public safety?
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