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  1. I'm sorry to hear that tralee. I have private messaged you. ---------- Post added 08-04-2016 at 12:30 ---------- Unfortunately it seems I am unable to private message you as we have not posted 5 times. Would you like to private message me and hopefully I can reply to you?
  2. Sorry to read about the treatment your Mum is receiving. If you would like some support with your complaint please contact us. For the more immediate issues you could try contacting the Patient Services Team at the Hospital on 0114 271 2400, they may be able to assist you with the request for your Mum to move wards.
  3. VoiceAbility's NHS Complaints Advocacy Service If you need to make a complaint to the NHS about care or treatment you have received from the NHS in Sheffield, but aren’t sure how to do it, we can help you. What is NHS Complaints Advocacy? The NHS Complaints Advocacy Service is a free, independent, locally based service that can help you make a complaint about the National Health Service (NHS). Most of us use the NHS at some point in our lives and many of us use them quite regularly. The NHS work hard to make sure that people are satisfied with their services and receive good quality treatment, but sometimes things can go wrong. You may want to complain about a service you have received from the NHS, or you might want to complain on someone else’s behalf. There are different ways to do this and we can support you to explore your options. How does advocacy work? Advocates are specially trained in how to support you to make a complaint and to work with you so that you feel confident with the NHS complaints process. As advocacy is about helping people to speak up for themselves, Advocates will not tell you what to do, or act on the wishes of other people. What your Advocate will do is help you to explore your options at the different complaint stages, and give you information that can help you decide what you wish to do next. Advocates can support you to write letters of complaint and attend meetings with you to try to resolve your complaint. How can I find out more? If you would like to discuss how to progress a complaint and whether you may need an Advocate to work with you, please contact VoiceAbility’s NHS Complaints Advocacy helpline on 0114 4070 081. Our website nhscomplaintsadvocacy.org has a wide range of information to support you to make an NHS complaint by yourself, including self help information in Easy Read and large print version. You can also find out: • How to make a complaint about an NHS service • How to make a complaint a complaint about a private health service • How an Advocate can support you • More about the role of the Health Service Ombudsman • How to download our Self Help Information Pack Contact VoiceAbility If you would like more information on our service and how our Advocates can support you, please contact us; Write to: NHS Complaints Advocacy Service, VoiceAbility, Courtwood House, Silver Street Head, Sheffield, S1 2BH Helpline: 0114 407 0081 Textphone: 07860 022 939 Fax: 0114 3863 163 Email: nhscomplaints@voiceability.org
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