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  1. Yes I remember having a swallow on each hand tattooed there.It cost 37pence then .I was having a drink with one of his sons Harry I think in the Mail coach one Sunday dinner had the tattoos done after having some Dutch courage my parents went crazy funny how they are so popular now
  2. Bob was well known on the crown green bowling circuit ,I played against him indoors at Don Valley Stadium and outdoors.He was always down to earth but always polite and gave me helpful help to try to improve my game .He will be greatly missed by the bowling teams etc RIP
  3. Please could anyone help my car as been stolen it is a ŠKODA Fabia reg is Yt15aty anybody with information I would be grateful many thanks
  4. Regarding when the Queens was open.It was diffently open in 1969 I had my wedding reception there. The landlord who had it then was called Vernon ( can't remember his surname ) he came from a pub in Crookes which was called the original grindstone which was pulled down
  5. Does anybody remember the CWS sewing factory on West Street I worked there from 1964-1970
  6. My name was Lynne Margerrison I was born on the corner of Gordon Road on Stewart Road. I knew Marilyn Heppenstall we went to the same school. Barbara Moorhouse my friend (still is) lived at the bottom of Dyson Place in the big yard next door to the Post Office.
  7. Does anyone remember any of the Margerrison's who use to live on Stewart Road
  8. No still in my contract runs out next March only reason I want to unlock my Samsung Galaxcy Ace 3 because I can't get a good signal I'am having to use my old Nokia E/E shop can't help had trouble with the signal from the day I got it E/E shop on Fargate wouldn't let me cancel so I'am stuck with them until March
  9. Thanks to everyone for replying
  10. Does anyone know how much it costs to get my Galaxcy Ace 3 unlocked. I'am with E/E network but can't get a good signal but I can on my old Nokia with the same company
  11. How awful the driver wants naming and shaming disgusting at time of night anything could have happened in the age we live in.
  12. I'am 68 years old but have never felt as proud to be British after speaking to a war veteran. He told me that he was 93 years old and had served in the Desert Rats and fought in Alamein, he also told me that there was 5000 still living today. We have all got a lot to be thankful for.
  13. I was born 1946 and about 1951 onwards I attended Lydgate Infant School. WhenI was older about 7-10 years old there was little gang of us that use to play football one was Ken Stothard as I remember his left foot shot was lethal you didn't want be in the way of the ball .
  14. I was born in 1946 and lived on Nairn Street, does anyone remember the horse trough at the bottom of Bute Street . One thing that sticks in my mind is the pile of ice outside the fishmongers,we use to play with it obviously no fridges then
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