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  1. He's a Doberman 10 month old
  2. Tried the harness it just makes him pull even more and I have a halti collar as well with helps with pulling a bit but he needs more than just not pulling he jumps up at people walking past us he's nearly 5"1 when he jumps up on his back legs so not that nice for those walking past us lol
  3. Does anybody know of any dog training classes in Sheffield as close to s6 as possible? My dog is terrible at pulling on the lead and my last resort is to now attend obedience classes! Thanks all
  4. Yea the roads are terrible in Sheffield! It's quite depressing that our council can't be bothered to sort them out properly
  5. I will have to check that out I know that 2 were 'corrected' on that road as they were basically square and not rounded off thanks I'll have a look at that
  6. It was only going over those speed bumps that this happened and I know quite a few have complained over the speed bumps and still nothing is being done
  7. Right the speed bumps on Wood Lane again! Just gone over them less than the 20mph speed limit and snapped my spring! Why can't the council sort their mess out and sort the stupidly large speed bumps out and stop causing damage to people's cars! Can I put a claim in to cover the cost of the repairs? And before anybody starts asking if I speed etc. No I don't go over the speed limit and always take extra care over speed bumps especially over them ones as they are ridiculous anyway. I know there has been many complaints over them but still nothing has changed
  8. Personally I don't think there are any rats there as myself or my other neighbour have never seen them also there is nothing on my garden to encourage rats
  9. No new building work but i do live behind a church which has a lot of over grown weeds and that. Every time she speaks to me she just makes out like its me that causes it even though I've never seen one and I've been livin here for a year! Plus there always in her garden no body else's
  10. I've never seen any rats to be honest and if there was rats about surely my dog would notice them when it's out late at night or during the day as it's always in the days when she sees them...
  11. Hi, my neighbour keeps complaining over rats and blames it on me because my dog does its business in my garden which I do clean up by the way! Anyway I have never seen a rat but every time my neighbour see them they are in her garden only but it's still my fault. Clearly if it was my fault wouldn't there be rats in my garden as well? My other neighbour has never seen these rats ether just her, but she keeps calling the rat control people and they saw that there was some dog muck on my garden and told her that if it's still there he would report me!? He's supposed to be calling back to her house some time this week to check what ever rat traps he's put down I think, not entirely sure. What am I supposed to do also she has admitted to me a few times that she feeds the birds! So to me the bird food that she puts in her garden will attract rats more than a bit of dog muck! But I'm not around every time she get the rat people to come out! What am I supposed to do with this one???? Thank you all!
  12. There both dobermanns, so my older dog looks like a giant compared to the new puppy! Lol
  13. Thank you for your reply! I've got a feeling that it will take a long time with mine as my 7 month old dog have always been a giddy dog and he's just way too excited over my new puppy :L
  14. Hi all I've just got an 8 week old puppy and I already have a dog which is 7 month old. They get along fine it's just that my dog won't leave the puppy alone he's always wanting to play with the new puppy. Well last night I thought that it would have been the puppy crying,well I was wrong and my dog spent the first 15-20 minutes crying because he couldn't get to the puppy as it was in the dog cage (didn't want to leave them running around kitchen all night, or puppy getting hurt). How long does this 'excitement' of the new puppy last with my other dog because he just won't give it two minutes rest at all! Thank you
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