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  1. I am due to attend the Crown Court inWest Bar soon and I would like directions from the railway station please. Is it within easy walking distance- or will I need a taxi? Many thanks
  2. Many thanks HeHasRisen. Sounds just right. Hopefully the City Council will be able to re-open the John Lewis Car Park in some way or form at a future date. It was so handy.
  3. Now that the John Lewis car park is closed- could anyone pl,ease suggest a convenient car park for the Barkers Pool area? Thank you.
  4. Many thanks all of you for your help and advice. Looks like I'm going to go by taxi. Any recommendations?
  5. I know this topic has already been discussed- but I have an upcoming appointment at the Dental Hospital- and wonder whether to take a taxi or my own car. Could anyone tell me how easy it is to find a parking space? I have read that the multi story car park does not have a lift. Are there a lot of stairs to negotiate to the ground floor or does it have ramps? Also- directions to the dental hospital wing would be greatly appreciated (out patients). Thank you all in advance.
  6. Can anyone recommend a good supplier of kiln dried logs? Its a minefield out there because quantities cannot be specified. I mean- whats a 'bag' of logs? If anyone has personal experience of getting value for money-then your help would be very much appreciated Thank you. John
  7. Thank you eHallam and Ghozer. The sound bar is a Yamaha make and the TV is a Samsung. The TV only supports ARC on ONE of its 4 HDMI socket. The soundbar also has a HDMI socket. Thanks for letting me know it only works with SD channels Ghozer-and also that it won't work if the sounbar and TV are different makes. eHallam perhaps you are right to suggest that I use the optical lead and connections to connect the two things together. I couldn't understand how the connection would work if you were just watching straight TV from the tuner-and not using any of the 4 HDMI sockets-because in my experience-unless you select an HDMI connection via the A/V on the TV-the TV has no interaction with any HDMI socket. Thanks again both.
  8. Has anyone any experience of attaching a Soundbar to your TV via an HDMI cable and using the ARC HDMI input -or output? on the TV ? How does it work? Do you still control the volume with the TV's remote. Does it automatically mute the built-in TV speakers? Does it work even if you do not select that particular HDMI input? I have this facility-but haven't yet used it-basically because I don't understand it!
  9. Many thanks Biotechpete. I know EXACTLY how to get there and get back on to Charter Row now. Cheers!!
  10. We have to pick up a large television from the John Lewis pick up point which is situated at the back of the store in Cambridge Street. As I know there are a lot of one way streets around there- wonder whether anybody could provide me with directions? We usually come up Charter Row -then round the roundabout and left into Pinstone Street before going round the corner to enter the John Lewis car park. I don't think we could go past the entrance to the car park and then turn right up into Cambridge Street as I think it is one way? Could anybody supply me directions please? Thank you very much in advance.
  11. How about a Dioralyte sachet dissolved in cold water a few minutes before bed time?
  12. JaKko- Customer services told me they were trying to keep this product going as it was a good seller-the problem is in sourcing the raw ingredient. (Nicotinic acid??)
  13. Just been on the phone to the manufacturers of CRAMPEX-Thornton and Ross. They are trying to source raw ingredient and do not anticipate being back into production until at leasr next JUNE!! Meanwhile - those few packs that are still available are being flogged off on Amazon and e Bay for £21 to £99 !! Its a case of supply and demand I'm afraid. If anyone does come across an equivalent then PLEASE let me know!! Otherwise I will have to ask my GP for QUININE-which he is very reluctant to prescribe..
  14. Many thanks Chez2 for all your helpful info. Its all giving me a much better idea of what is available for when I cannot manage.
  15. Iguess it all comes down to a personal choice at the end of the day. If you are happy living where you are and you can manage financially-well thats all any of us can hope for. Every person contributing to my thread has given me the benefits of their advice-everybody has come from a slightly different perspective-and I am happy to have received a rounded picture of all thats avialable. Thank you all once again.
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