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  1. if £35 an hour is perfectly reasonable then im gonna become a mechanic havent spoken to my friend for a few days so not sure what the £7.50 was for i know he opted for the luk clutch this time has he had the clutched replaced 3 year ago with a cheaper make and only did 17 thousand miles in 3 years before it was knackered it was a corsa c 2006 that he has i had my pads and disks replaced 2 year ago and was charged £40 another friend of mine had a clutch put in a ford transit last year and was charged £120
  2. a friend of mine recently had some work done on his vehicle by a mobile mechanic who works from home he took the vehicle to him and supplied all the parts needed new clutch and brake pads and disks for the front he was charged £400 and £7,50 (£35per hour) for labour is this reasonable has it seems quite high to me i would say 1 hour for the front disks and pads and 4 hour for the clutch which totals £175 so i cant understand why he charged him so much even if you add an hour or 2 for whatever reason its still very expensive he was in a rush and needed his vehicle for work so paid it just wondered what other people would make of this is it correct or not ?
  3. i thought they had stopped resurfacing the roads a while ago ive seen lots of areas that have only had the pavements done and the roads left untouched also ive seen seen roads done that realy wernt that bad at all and others that are realy bad not touched
  4. All day every day theres loud music playing in the old training center sometimes 1/2/3 in the morning sounds like a night club has any1 else heard it ?its been going for weeks now gets very annoying but i wouldnt know who to complain to who ever lives there needs to get a life obviously has no job either
  5. given my mate lives in a third floor flat its just not practical hes not to chuffed about what got took he just wants these people caught who have been robbing vans for months in the same area
  6. My friends van was stolen last night from tilford rd woodhouse s13 exactly 3.05am we got cctv footage from the one stop shop on the corner of tilford rd and station rd van was found outside this shop the thieves stole the van rolled it down the road about 150 metres then stole various items from the back of the van tools / copper/brass etc about £500 quids worth in total a small white transit van (swb) mk6 was used to chuck the goods in and drive away can you help find these scum has they need to be stopped asap lots and lots of vans being broken into in this area and s12 over past few months thanks for reading
  7. ive seen lots of van side doors ripped open and windows smashed over the last few months in s12 and s13 always seems to be on a saturday morning when ive seen them has i work in these areas in the early hours its got to be the same group of people doing it and they need to be caught asap
  8. the internet has a 1000 times more ads and 1000 times more garbage for sale and i didnt say all the older generation either and how do you know the print version has outdated stories if you dont read it
  9. green uns long time ago that pal bet petrol was only 50 to 60p a litre back then also you said your mate worked there recently and was delivering house to house ---------- Post added 17-08-2016 at 18:05 ---------- Also most people on here seem to be always on the stars back for 1 thing or another its like they want to see lots of people out of work the sheffield star has been around a long time and i hope it continues more people should support it its our local paper i admit it is expensive at 70p but i reckon if they were selling a lot more copies the price wouldnt have got that high and a lot of the older generation prefer a proper paper to read rather than messing around online
  10. biggest load of bull ive ever heard they get paid £21 per 100 so he would be getting £52.50 for 250 papers direct to houses but you do have to have to run your own vehicle FACT
  11. i dont think anything can be done about it has it was in a car park and not on a public road
  12. just get a 17mm socket and a lump hammer and hammer it over the locking key it will go ---------- Post added 27-05-2016 at 20:28 ---------- just get a 17mm to 19mm socket and a lump hammer and hammer it over the locking nut it will go
  13. when i first read the bedsit post i thought it sounded feasible but now on second thought ive never seen any to let or for sale signs and the bloke ive seen in the window only puts 1 wheelie bin out for collection and he does this at stupid oclock in a morning also they must sleep with the lights on the top floor is constantly lit day and night
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