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  1. Sheffield weather used to be a lot warmer in the good old days because of all the factory smog!
  2. Any car that young asian lads drive.....Abbeydale Road is a fine example for a total disregard for other drivers or traffic rules.
  3. I leave the baby in a car seat on the roof! Usually a nice group of people, police and social services gathered around my car by the time iv done a big shop. Easy to spot!
  4. I was generalising....i wasnt gonna start going into micro-climates too
  5. It get warmer the more South you go... And London is always a few degrees hotter because of the heat a huge population generates.
  6. I dont really like tap water and neither does my cat but i cant afford for both of us to drink mineral water.
  7. I dont think your allowed to say 'A**e' on SF You'll get a banning!
  8. I thought we were all just drinking others people cleaned pee & poop
  9. I think im getting Hogweed confused with the Chinese stuff
  10. Its all those chav's trying to get pregnant before they change the child credit rules!
  11. He could bomb Leeds and they'd still have it rebuilt before Sheffield gets its 'New' retail quarter.
  12. I think that the NHS needs to be there to pay for the treatment for people who are ill instead of a kid who breaks his leg while jumping over a car on a skateboard. If you want to go rockclimbing in the lake district then get insurance.
  13. Because they are accidents not illnesses. The NHS was setup to help people with illness.....not to fund peoples lifestyle choices.
  14. We need population control, especially in the third world. And on council estates!
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