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  1. birobasher

    The Sheffield gay scene part 2

    Waiting for the 'pub' venue to open, hoping it's a bit more to my taste (old sod who likes guitar music).
  2. birobasher

    Odeon Luxe cinema

    Serviceable, big seats, but very little sound proofing means the thunder of A N Other Superhero Film reverberated through the walls as I watched 'Stan and Ollie'.
  3. birobasher

    A new micropub in Hillsborough

    Even Dempsey's attracts crowds of blokes on match day. The pub can always say no. This is happening in the centre of Bradford too.
  4. Right wingers in the Labour PLP exploiting and exaggerating anti-semitism in order to depose their leader. Shameful behaviour.
  5. birobasher

    UKIP Stall Town Hall

    I think that would be insanity, and economic suicide, but yeah, they're true to their beliefs.
  6. birobasher

    UKIP Stall Town Hall

    I'm told the stall had 'Lest We Forget' Poppy posters and banners. Why did they feel that was necessary? If Labour or the Greens did that, they'd be accused of exploiting the war dead and hijacking the poppy for their own purposes. Which is exactly what it would be of course....
  7. Cancel the whole thing. It's already stopped us getting electrification of the lines up to Leeds. The costs of the project keep rising, countless people's lives are being disrupted for the sake of shaving 20 minutes off the time to London.
  8. The scheme only appeared because the publicly funded ones were disappearing. The toilets in the railway station aren't free. Pubs have signs saying 'toilets for customers only' etc. The public toilets by the town hall are now a bleeding cocktail bar.
  9. birobasher

    Old style light bulbs

    All LEDs are not the same. The process that makes the diodes themselves produces different grades of material, with different lifetimes. The more expensive ones are the highest grade of material and last much longer. Even cheaper ones will reward the investment though, compared to the amount of electricity that filament lamps burn.
  10. birobasher

    The Sheffield gay scene part 2

    I'm looking forward to the next bar/venue whatever it turns out to be. Hoping for something a little off the usual 'gay' venue radar.
  11. birobasher

    Red light camera on fire in Sheffield

    Yup, if that isn't replaced, people driving cars too fast will get away with it. Nobody should want that.
  12. birobasher

    Ethnic areas in Sheffield

    'Split' would imply clear segregation, but that doesn't happen, there's always some mixing.
  13. A shame then, that's where cycle lanes are, especially leading up to advanced spaces at traffic lights. ---------- Post added 23-09-2018 at 09:43 ---------- *Some* are. As are some people driving cars. Might even be the same people in different vehicles. There's no such thing as a 'cyclist', or a discreet set of behaviour attributed to that mythical species.
  14. birobasher

    Knife attacks in Sheffield 2018

    It's very simple: huge cuts to police funding over the last eight years mean not enough police to maintain control.
  15. birobasher

    Fitzalan square regeneration

    What? That makes no sense whatever. "People are dropping litter on this verge, let's napalm it, that'll fix the problem".

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