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  1. Some odd changes effecting Hillsborough/Walkely/Upperthorpe. Removal of 31 will cause issues. And first running the 57 in the evening? Does this mean if I get a return ticket on my way to work on the stagecoach 57 that I can't use it when returning in the evening on the first 57? No wonder so many people are ditching public transport in favour of private vehicles. Probably benefits the government as tax from vehicles must be a good source of income. I don't think this is just a Sheffield issue it's nationwide even in the South East and London. The proposition that we will all be ditching our cars anytime soon is nonsense, just look at London which has perhaps one of the best public transport systems in the world. Yet there's more than 2.8 million cars in that city! If a city that is so well catered for can't do without a vast number of private vehicles, then the rest of the country doesn't stand a chance. Especially when factoring in distances and the scarcity of public transport options.
  2. Trams only from Hillsborough until June. Then June to August no trams at all will be busses all the way due to university corner works (I think). Thought you would like to know
  3. I think they need to do their homework. Was asking a taxi driver about why he had the hybrid Toyota Prius and not the full electric. Apparently the full electric vehicles are no good around here as mileage is drastically reduced because of the hills. You may in any event see a lot more of the hybrids, the driver told me his fuel bill for the average month was £250 compared to the £950 he was spending when he had an Audi. That sort of saving will get around the drivers quickly. I imagine same issue about range/mileage would apply to buses. Whatever happens it's likely itwill be the passengers picking up the tab for either improved vehicles or the congestion charge. It's another tax on the poor by the back door. People without cars tend to be doing less well in the first place.
  4. I'd imagine it'd be rather more than 20 to 30 cars. I was told on another thread that the teams accommodate around 150 people
  5. That's not quite correct: Although failure to comply with the other rules of the Code will not, in itself, cause a person to be prosecuted, The Highway Code may be used in evidence in any court proceedings under the Traffic Acts (see The road user and the law) to establish liability. This includes rules which use advisory wording such as ‘should/should not’ or ‘do/do not’.
  6. Where will the 52 finish at, and whereabouts in Crookes will they turn them around? Very sad news about 61 and 62 is going to make many a commute more miserable and time consuming. Particularly on the way back from town, if your bus is delayed getting to Hillsborough then you've well and truly stuffed it. Suppose it must be part of the plan to get off public transport and into private vehicles.
  7. I know, I'll go to tramlines and on my way I'll get my prescription from boots, pick up some travel money from coop travel and get meself a leg of lamb from butchers. Two birds one stone, what a good result.
  8. For the person who hasn't had their parking notice, there is a residents section on the tramlines website, looks like they have a liaison team who may be able to help.
  9. I don't understand people's problem with an organised legitimate workers interest group exercising their lawful right to withdraw labour. They are in a negotiation, an offer has been made, and rejected as being derisory. It's up to those who manage stagecoach to close the deal and make a decent offer. The people who work on the trams are hardly earning fortunes, and a few pennies will make a bigger difference to them than it will to stagecoach's share price if an agreement can't be reached. Seems simple to me, make a better offer.
  10. My brother had his civil partnership at Islington Town Hall in London. You have the ceremony right in the council chamber and it is very impressive. Has a big staircase leading up to it and nice steps outside the building for photos.... Bit of a trek obviously. Wonder why chesterfield persists with the registry office when they have a stunning town hall which would be much better.
  11. Problem is it's not well signposted for pedestrians and doesn't make much sense in the way it's designed. If anyone is wondering it's opposite the Sheffield tap up to the showroom far side from the station. The path has two colours of brick red that is intended for cycling, and the cream stone for walking. I didn't know it was a cycling lane, can see from Google maps that if you follow the path towards ponds forge there are some blue circular signs that show the use. But they lack conspicuity. I say it's badly designed because there are two junctions where the cyclist would naturally need to stop, those being where the footpath links to the crossing. Clearly where there is a pedestrian crossing, they have right of way. I think the original gripe was that people weren't observing it all the way up the hill. And that may be so, but I don't think that they can be blamed. It looks nothing like any other cycle lane I've come across in the city.
  12. I honestly think both tram and bus drivers are massively underpaid for a stressful job. Especially when you compare it to how much a train driver gets. I suppose a better comparator for a tram driver is a tube driver rather than a train. Tube drivers just shy of £50k pa. Plus lots of benefits. I do feel sorry for the bus drivers it always seems to me to be one of the more difficult public service jobs , tiring and can never switch off whilst driving. And it tends to be very poorly paid. If I was on their rates I'd be trying to do something about it too.
  13. Responding to at Mel the Bell.. Not quite sure why you think they'll be spending around Hillsborough. I think it more likely that they will not want to leave the venue to have to queue and go through security again.
  14. Ignoring the snide comments made by one poster, it seems to me that the works should have been communicated better than they have. The following is from .gov and is entitled best practice in street works and highway works. This is probably classed as streetworks. From the text: ADVANCE COMMUNICATION The undertakers and highway authorities should provide the public with the following advance information and details of any proposed major work: • What is being done and why? • Who is doing it? • How to contact them? • When is it being done and how long will it take? • What inconvenience and disruption will be caused? • • How to obtain more information? It is the undertakers' or highway authorities' responsibility to communicate appropriately with residents, businesses and the travelling public who may be affected. In particular, they should: • make particular provision for people with visual impairments and other disabled people; • consider access to buildings, shops, businesses and goods delivery; and • give minimum advance notice periods by informing relevant people by personal visits and/or written notification.
  15. Got to say, the steak I've had from the market is tons better than that from even m&s or waitroy. Plus I get it cut to the thickness I want. I'm determined to try and use the fish stall more over the next year, as there is some very interesting stock to have a go at. Add to that the beer cabin which has the best selection in the city bar none. Finally I have to mention the moor coffee stall. Absolutely the best cup of coffee in the city. It's a heck of a walk from my office, but I always leave feeling a bit better about the world. If you've not been then I'd say it's worth a look one day.
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