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  1. Hi Sadsack im a full stack software developer specialising in managing this sort of project, ideally if you could get your idea sketched out on a wireframe or have a story board done first then you’ll have something to work towards and idea of timeframe etc, then discuss with a software developer using the wireframe or storyboard this will cut costs and time. if you need any help feel free to contact me I know a great UX Designer to wireframe your project. regards David
  2. I know Sheffield very well, and i've been around most streets in Sheffield for property interests, the areas i mentioned won't improve anytime soon, the people around there just simply won't contribute to making it a better area, living round Totley for the last 3 years i noticed most of the community worked together to make their area a desirable place to live.
  3. Top areas in Sheffield, Dore/Totley has rail links and reliable bus route into town, Bradway, Fullwood, Crosspool, Ranmoor, Whirlow, Greystones and Bents Green. Areas to avoid Pitsmoor, Firth Park, Manor Top, Gleadless Valley, Burngreave, Fir Vale, High Green, Wincobank. City living Kelham Island is decent and Riverside. All the best.
  4. Hi All, We're a new business set up as a limited company and will start trading in the next month or two. We are looking for a reputable, local accountant who can help advise on various aspects of finance, tax etc and help ensure all associated processes are set up correctly. Thanks in advance.
  5. Totley, Dore, Fulwood, Crosspool, Bradway and Ecclesall Rd South. Good Luck
  6. Social Media Marketing is very important in business, targeting the right audience is a must, however you have to be careful and make sure you know how to use the marketing side of things on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc or it'll be money wasted. Most folk i find don't like to invest in their business, get scared of paying a monthly fee for services which is quite comical, the whole point in considering marketing is to expand your brand isn't it?
  7. would you rather be loved, hated, or have people feel indifferently towards you and your brand?
  8. All apps would be done locally be-spoke to the customers requirements or for a cheaper option simply browse through a template and insert your company details. In the proposal a monthly option would be available that would include support, hosting and maintenance.
  9. Hey Mr Bit, great feedback thanks and I like your idea of the training app.
  10. Hey all, I’m putting together a new resource that I think will be really useful. It’s an App building service for Startups with monthly flexible payments. What do you think? Would something like this be useful? I’d love to know if this is something you would use — or if there’s something else you could use that might be helpful in your world. After all, I want to make something that’s highly valuable and helpful. Let me know what you think, Thanks
  11. Hey Code Word ill inbox you some info and we can chat further.
  12. Hi Rab thanks for your reply, any info would be much appreciated. Thanks
  13. Hi all, I'm interested in arranging a Hackathon in Sheffield and i was wondering what the good folk of Sheffield thought about this? It gives the chance for wantrepreneurial minded people to meet coders/developers, UX Designers and anyone who just wants to get involved to create and launch a digital product. Any views on this welcome and would be appreciated. Thanks in advance
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