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  1. There was a great fish and chip shop on Wolseley Road, Abbeydale, back in the '60s. They had a machine in the shop that cut all the potatoes into chips on the spot ready for frying. I was horrified when I arrived in Australia and all the chips were in huge piles - partially fried before hand! The fish also was covered in this sticky-icky flour dough ready for frying! The best fish and chips shops in Australia used to be run by Greeks but lately they are mainly Chinese operators. Can't remember the last time I bought some.
  2. Some other Warrenders that may be of interest/relevance http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/obituaries/military-obituaries/naval-obituaries/8702850/Simon-Warrender.html and his wife - of the Myer family dynasty - major retailer in Australia http://www.ebay.com/itm/Pamela-Myer-Warrender-PAMELA-IN-HER-OWN-RIGHT-1st-Edition-HC-Book-/151255541669
  3. There were ballet performances at the Abbeydale in the early 60s - it was Giselle - and it was either the Ballet Rambert or the Royal Ballet - I'll have a look for the newspaper clippings
  4. I'm obviously confusing Mrs Maxwell with someone else. There was a teacher at the infants who had long wavy red hair. I remember her doing a hand stand in her frock and showing her suspenders and underwear - very embarrassing for a 5 year old!
  5. I thought Mrs Maxwell taught at the infants (I'm talking about 1959/60). She had shoulder length red hair. Yes - I understand the junior school was turned into a housing estate. When I was there 601/62 it was considered VERY modern/state of the art.
  6. I went to Mrs Bart-Smiths in Ecclesall. I have a photo from about 1965 from the end of year show which was Mary Poppins. Prior to that I went to a lady in Abbey Lane who was short, had curly hair and wore classes and trousers - can't remember her name.
  7. John George Graves, entrepreneur and philanthropist Joe Cocker, singer Michael Palin, comedian, actor and travel presenter Bertie Bassett, b.1923 Bassett's liquorice allsorts character. William Batchelor, 1860(?)-1913 Founder of the firm which brought tinned peas to many of Britain's kitchens.
  8. Peter Williams J4B, Greenhill Primary circa 1964 and Mr Sowerby the Headmaster - taught me a lot about humanity and values.
  9. So sorry to hear of the death of Joe Cocker. Far too soon. Many years ago there was a Joe Cocker poster in the window of a house on Wolseley Road near the end of Harwell Road and I think that was the house of his manager - any thoughts? Anyone have memories of his early concerts when he was performing as Vance Arnold and the Avengers?
  10. I had one of those - don't think I was ever allowed to even see the burners! ---------- Post added 13-11-2014 at 09:40 ---------- I also had a Mettoy typewriter (tedious) and a John Bull printing set (even more tedious! I was lucky to have an indulgent Auntie (also my Godmother) who was a very loyal customer at Redgates. I spent a lot of time in hospital and she was always popping up with something new to keep me occupied. She also bought me a beautiful Pedigree dolls pram, a Triang scooter and a dolls pushchair. However, I also used to save my 1s and 6d pocket money to spend at Redgates - plaster cast molds (which I would then paint), a Tressy doll. Also had some lovely home made toys - a dolls cradle, a little shop, a sledge! And I loved my bucket and spade at the seaside! Oh and did anyone have one of those furry things on a strip of leather called a Squiggles "stroke my back and watch me wiggle" - had two bug eyes and a felt tongue stuck in to the fur. Was actually made in England which I'm sure is a rarity these days. Happy memories.
  11. In the late 50s we had family friends Geoff (Jeff) and Kath(Cath) Morton. They had a daughter called Susan. Anyone know of them?
  12. I've posted before but just thought I would ask again - does anyone remember and know what happened to Roy Broughton - he was a mate of my father who worked in the drawing office and the estimating department. He would be in his 80s I think.
  13. I think there were a couple of stalls in Castle Market where you could walk up to a bar and there were little paper plates and wooden forks with a small serving of these delicacies - must have been early '60s. I think yo paid by the numer of plates you ate - they were tiny - the size of a jam jar lid.
  14. Yes - I had a few of those small tins as well - used to love polishing anything in sight!
  15. walked to King Eggies - 38 mins 1.8 miles but very hilly and not nice in blizzards and snow drifts - probably why I don't ski or do snow resorts! Even worse if you had heavy bags to carry
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