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  1. Is anyone else affected by TalkTalk internet going down? Seems to have started about 3pm this afternoon.
  2. Food for thought. Thanks everyone. Citizens advice is my next port of call.
  3. When they handed over the property there was nothing mentioned about any leak. SYHA were supposed to have checked all of the property prior to handing over the keys. To be honest unless the previous tennent had reported it they wouldn't have picked up on it.
  4. The leak was underground. It's where the point of entry of the water supply is connected to the house. It's about 2 feet underground and was encased in solid concrete. At no stage was a water leak apparent.
  5. It started when I contacted Yorkshire Water regarding my unusually high bill over several years. They sent out several crews who eventually conceded that the meter was still registering running water even though my supply was turned off at the stop tap. They then dug up the entire length of the external pipework and concluded the leak must be in the property as their pipework was ok. So, I called the housing association and a plumber confirmed the water boards findings. Cue even more digging and an eventual cure to the leak. Now this is where the fun starts. Having paid almost double what my bill should have been I enquired with the housing association how they would reimburse me for the high bills I'd been receiving. They told me they would not consider any reimbursement as I should have noticed the increase and report the issue sooner. The problem is it's my first property and I'd no idea what an average water bill should be, so I paid it every month assuming it would be the same as everyone else on the street. It's only after a neighbour told me her metered bill was half what I've been paying that the alarm bells started ringing. SYHA are still adamant they are not responsible for any overpayments. Has anyone else had an issue of this kind?
  6. I'll second that. Many thanks to all that replied and offered support and sympathy. The response was overwhelming and just shows there are some great people around. You've offered plenty of ideas and solutions, some of which I've already made enquiries into. Cheers guys!
  7. Thanks Tzijlstra. I'll see if there's anything that might help.
  8. I was wondering if anyone was aware of anywhere that panic attack sufferers can go in the late evening and early morning just for the company of sympathetic people or even fellow sufferers. I'd be extremely grateful for any suggestions. Thanks.
  9. Where will this end? Gender fluid, age fluid, race fluid.... I think I feel like species fluid is a great way forward...so I am now a farmyard rooster until further notice. If anyone wants me I'll be stood on the fence waking the neighbours at 7am tomorrow morning.
  10. Every time I pass, there never seems to be any work being carried out. In fact I don't recall seeing any workmen for several months now. I wonder if it'll ever be completed at all???
  11. Thanks to all who posted. Problem solved . :-)
  12. I'm hoping to find someone local (ish) that owns or has access to a Volvo VIDA system. I contacted my local dealership to be told its £78 plus VAT just for them to plug the diagnostic machine in! All it is is an airbag light that needs to be cleared which came on after a seat was moved. Obviously I'm not looking for a freebie but a reasonable price for what's just a two minute job.
  13. Hi I'm bit of a late starter at 50 and just got myself a bridge camera to try and be a bit more creative. Any help or hints would be welcome. Subject material would be almost anything interesting from animals to landscapes to urban.
  14. For sale: Sour grapes. Beware, make make the consumer a little bitter....
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