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  1. Can anyone recommend a reliable removal company for Sheffield to Nottingham move?
  2. hi I have a years policy with greeninsurancecompany (i thinks its .co.uk) which includes homestart. I got it through some compare website - can't remeber which one. It was £29.50 per year and I have already called them out once (got to me within 15 mins as they have contract with local garage) - would recommend and by far the cheapest quote I got which included home start
  3. Hi my car won't start and roadside recovery are on their way but I need to decide where I want them to take my car this pm. I live in Walkley and so need somewhere close. Any recommendations? Are any open till say 4pm on Sat? Thanks for help
  4. they've been at sheffield train station on and off over last few weeks. They seriously have problems taking no for an answer!
  5. Hi - Ive got an acoustic guitar to sell and I don't have a clue where in Sheffield to take it. I did consider the ads on here but I am not sure that this is the right place as this is like new and retails at £375-£400 new. Any ideas greatly appreciated:)
  6. I have this in s6 as well. No post for 2-3 days a week and then a massive pile! I thought that I was imagining things too.................. I also had post one Sunday not too long ago!!
  7. Can anyone recommend someone to do the EPC?
  8. the 94/95 to walkley also isn't on the list but I can assure you that they are not running past my house - no traffic is lol!
  9. Im still waiting for my free tickets for the days I lost on my weekly tickets from the last strike:rolleyes:
  10. that junction is very bad - although I cannot see why? On one occasion when I was waiting to turn right I had some stupid woman sat in her BMW beeping and making hand signals at me for not pulling across the road as the light was green - she apparently missed all the cars coming in the other direction! I did say at the time that I was glad I was not a new driver as her attitude would have probably made me think that I was wrong and pull out......
  11. does anybody know where is best for cheap kitchen cupboard doors only? The kitchen came from MFI a couple of years ago but I now need new doors (long story!)Thanks
  12. Hey - can anybody suggest where I may be able to sell a Buffet professional clarinet? It was very expensive when I bought it and will, i think, have retained its value. I dont know where to start with music shops in Sheffield and so any help would be greatly apprecaited. Thanks
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