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  1. Looking for a decent garage that knows their way around a Ford Diesel engine, any recommendations please?
  2. Thanks, sadly it's still the same. Odd thing is he looks reasonably healthy so can only assume he's getting nutrients somehow. I have tried an anti fungal treatment but his mouth still appears to be shut to me. Considering a second course. Would love to be able to do as you suggest with the TCP but don't think I could bring myself to do that. I'm no fish expert, got this one when one of the kids fetched it back having won it at a fair! Would be worried about causing duress. Same reason I haven't done as I've read elsewhere and tried to surgically open the mouth. Not sure what else to do but don't want to see the poor little more starve :-( Thanks again.
  3. Yes, reaching the same conclusion :-/
  4. I've heard of this too. Don't fancy it though to be perfectly honest, would be worried about causing further problems.
  5. In that case no, I'm not sure. However, he can't eat. Flakes in the tank just drift to the bottom and where before I could see the flakes being sucked in as he opened his mouth, now I can't. It's not through lack of trying either. Sounds promising from what you say but if he can't eat surely that's a huge problem?
  6. I know it's a goldfish but a pet is a pet. Been like this a few weeks now and have tried anti fungal treatment to no avail. Any advice? Poor bugger is going to starve :/
  7. Thanks, may be worth another shot then. I'll make sue I park on that invisible line if I do just for giggles.
  8. Thanks, I meant the gaffer of the branch (or proprietor) as he's referred to here: http://www.manta.com/ic/mvmchdm/gb/top-tread-tyres-auto-centre?ftoggle-frontend-prod-on=abTests.revenue.test_10312014_control&utm_expid=82789632-25.OzEpm4oGQWOCALlDNoBDpg.1 I went to the Rotherham branch last year and it was a totally different experience. Didn't come away feeling as trusting somehow. So, Kev and crew still there in Sheffiled do we know or has there been changes?
  9. Anyone know if Top Tread Tyres in Sheffield (St Mary's Road) is still run by the old crew that have been running it for years - the name Kevin rings a bell as the gaffer (older fella)and I think P Birch as one of the MOT testers? I've always been here and have always had great service from them but last year I went elsewhere as it seemed to have changed hands (different people all milling about and a change in decor / layout etc)? Anyone know as I would like to return there this year if they're still there. Otherwise, I need to find a decent garage MOT tester pronto!
  10. FWIW I ignored my ticket and never heard anything else. Pretty sure you can safely ignore this. Even if it went to court they can only recover their losses in respect of the claim which amounts to pence. However, it's unlikely they will choose the court route. These companies prey on the vulnerable and use under hand methods to frighten people into paying. Annoys the hell out of me. As mentioned earlier in the thread by me, check out their VAT number. The tax authorities were quite interested that it didn't conform to standard format! Good luck, though I doubt you'll need it.
  11. Didn't realise - the person behind http://www.southyorkshirecakes.co.uk is also a user on here: pm angie58 for info ...
  12. Also have a look at http://www.southyorkshirecakes.co.uk Some amazing custom cakes and toppers there!
  13. Thanks, no Woodseats is S8 and S10 is more Broomhill / Crookes (I think), Greystones and Fulwood sort of area. Still good to be on the lookout though for the little sods in that thread!
  14. Thanks for the comments, I don't think we seriously expect to see the bikes again but if it's kids and someone in the area sees anything we would appreciate any information. I have added links to pictures to the original post but for convenience, here they are again: http://i45.tinypic.com/5oxkjd.gif http://i48.tinypic.com/2psly7r.gif Thanks for looking out Rimrunner - interested to know if you can recall of the bike was like the one in the first link? Cheers! edit: Just re-read your post Rimrunner, I see the one you saw was red and white whereas this is red and black. Thanks anyway and please continue to look out.
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